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Thank you for your help and great customer service in purchasing my mountain
sport. After the demo ride on Monday I was very impressed with how agile and
responsive the ride was, so placed the order. After picking it up from you
this morning the real acid test was how well would it perform off road, well
based on only a ten mile spin on forest tracks and open heathland, it can
only be described as fantastic!!!
My full suspension bike was alway going to give me a smother ride(so it
should it cost more than twice the price) but in sheer fun and enjoyment and
much needed assistance on hills this really does it all.
Truly fantastic purchase, and most important to me is that it will enable me
to carry on cycling routes that were becoming too much of a challenge.

Martyn Williams

I bought my first bike from electric bike world (Southampton) in 2011. You can buy cheaper bikes on the internet, but you can't get the customer service. When I was on holiday and the battery failed, they shipped a replacement battery up to Scotland for me within 24 hours under warranty, no charge for the shipping.


The customer service is always excellent and the staff are very friendly. Over the six years I've been a customer with them, they've always sorted out whatever problem I've had promptly and fairly.


 The electric bike is incredibly useful around town – just chain it up to a lamp post, no parking charges and use cycle paths to by-pass the traffic jams.


 I recently took my fold up electric bike in the car to Lymington – cycles are free on the ferry – and rode the cycle path from the ferry terminal at Yarmouth to alum bay. Beautiful, easy ride and no parking charges. A lovely day out and using the bike rather than the car gives you time to stare at scenery. I'm looking forward to exploring the new forest via the Hythe ferry next.

Linda Clarke


Thank you very much for the excellent service. The tiny fold-away is doing a fantastic job at moving my 16 st bulk around, and doesn’t even flinch !!! From the speed of delivery,to 1st class product and packaging, all has been top drawer.

                            Many thanks again,


Bob Land


Today was my first day cycling to work! It was fantastic!
…And took me a mere 22mins compared to 45mins by bus!
So thank you again for my beautiful Harrington

Hope you’re having a good day.



Got the bike this morning thanks, and it’s a good as I remember it in the shop. Going for a ride now to p*ss off the boys in the cycling club down the road, they definitely won’t keep up with me now. But I hope they try just for fun. Can’t wait to see them all puffing and panting as I sail by and leave them all way behind, this is going to be fun.

Jim from Bristol



I have to say that these bikes are very good.  We did a 25km cycle ride the other day and even though I was towing a small trailer with our BBQ stuff in it,  My battery still had power in it even after some serious uphill work.

Hope you like the pictures.  We are heading up to Paris and I aim to get some shots for you in some of the famous spots if I can as a back drop  (Louvre,  Tower Eiffel etc.) We’ll see what we can do.

Steve & Barbra


My new Alpine Sport is really excellent. It’s so easy to ride, and when I come it a hill it glides up so jolly well other cyclists cant believe it and neither can I    

I do appreciate all the help that you and your staff at Electric Bike World gave me when I was choosing it, I tried many others but this one is definitely the right bike for me.

Thank you all one again.
Yours sincerely

Stephen B


Just a quick thank you and all the guys at Electric Bike World for the swift way you dealt with my new bike, I have now done over 800 miles on the bike it has coped with hills that I have trouble walking up, and where ever I go people keep asking me questions about my endurance. Quite a few have taken your website address so hopefully you will be getting some orders from West Wales keep up the good work.

Terry M


I’m just writing this special note to all the most helpful staff of ELECTRIC BIKE WORLD.

The reason for this is that firstly I am very very happy with my Mountain Sport electric bike,which I had purchased a few months ago.

I am a bit of a perfectionist,so that’s why i had at least test ridden over ten ebikes before coming up across by the best of choices the Mountain Sport ebike.This bike is AMAZING and of QUALITY STUFF!!

PLEASE PLEASE JUST TEST RIDE ONE FIRST,THATS HOW I GOT HOOKED.I’m not rubbing this in but i am sticking/staying with them because they have been very patient with me being the person who i am firing constant technical questions at them BUT it paid off in the end.

Kind regards



My Alpine arrived to day just as you said it would and I just been for a ride on it. all I can say is great should have bought one ages ago, but no stopping me now.
Going in to work on it tomorrow cos all my mates have been asking about it so I’ll give em all a go

Stand by for more customers

Thanks for all your help its been an experience

Barry H


A big thanks for a superb bike! The ride over the Itchen toll bridge was effortless and I was home to Netley before I knew it. The battery capacity meter still shows “Full”. I’m very impressed. Very soon I’ll write a testimonial which hopefully should help your sales.

Thanks again,

Andy Blagg


Thanks for sending the bike, it arrive yesterday, the box was a bit damaged but you wrapped the bike up inside well so it was ok. Went for my first ride last night it was great. The weather was freezing but I couldn’t resist trying my new bike out, it really was excellent and so quick.

I’ll get back to you again when I’ve been to work and back on it I am really looking forward to it   

James D


I have just part ex’d my old Powacycle for a spanking new LifeCycle Mountain Sport …wow what a difference, this bike is fantastic!

Please tell everyone it’s great


Martin Slaney


Why hasn’t everyone got one if these they are simply amazing. Everything you say about them is more than true, and I would encourage every one to have a go on them because they will all say the same thing. These bikes are the future.

Thank you Electric Bike World for making the best bikes in the world and selling one to me…I love it

Jane S


Wonderful bike I just love it, Should have got one years ago, easy to use goes fast and looks cool. Thanks for sending it so quick and thanks  you  for being so helpful



This is James from bonny (freezing) Scotland. The bike arrived safely last week and I have been out on it all weekend. Thank you so much for sending it nice and quickly. It took me about 10 minutes to set up and then I was off down the road on it. I was surprised at the quick the pick up was , it really goes well and very fast . I know you say that on your web site but it really is very powerful. I’m so glad I bought it.

Best Wishes



Just received my new Mountain Sport WOW its fantastic!!! I am really looking forward to my first ride into work in the morning. No more cars to work or me I cant wait

David Miller


Never thought I would want an electric bike till I had a go on your mountain sport, but once round the car park and I was hooked, I ordered one last week and it arrived on Monday very good delivery service thank you, I have been riding every day since it came and I love it. Should have had it years ago saved me loads and no sweat on long hills, plus it looks really cool as well. Now everyone at work wants one. You will be getting calls from my work mates cos now they’ve tried mine they want one as well.

Once again thanks for all your help and advice, and thank s to Andy in the workshop for putting on the lights for me

Peter L


Robert P
Message: Had your bike for a month now and it’s the best thing I have brought for a great many year.Thank you Electric Bike World for selling the best electric bike going.   R.PERKS (OXFORD)



My LifeCycle Mountain Sport is in use daily as my commuter transport with outstanding performance. I have previously been an electric bike owner and this unit is awesome. She covers 14 miles a day with a couple of serious hills and a very long open stretch prone to head and side winds, under peddle assist mode all the time, (by choice).

It is a pleasure to hop on and hit the road, especially when finishing a day at work, after being on your feet all day as well! 

Cheers guys.

Kind Regards

John Y

John Y


GB Age-Group Athlete

2011 Dextro Energy Triathlon – ITU World Championship Grand Final Beijing

10th Place in Sprint Distance 50-54 Age Group

Marie is a British Triathlon Champion who came 10th in Beijing in her discipline. This makes her the 10th best Triathlon cyclist in the world in her age group.

Read what she has to say about the LifeCycle Mountain Sport  

Electric Bike?

Are you kidding me…

 Saturday 26November and Electric bike world has just delivered to me a brand new shiny LifeCycle Mountain Sport Electric Bike.  He asked if I would try it out for a few days/week and give feedback on it from a cyclists point of view.

As a GB Age Group Triathlete and keen cyclist the time I spend on my bike(s) is to work out, get stronger, get faster and be more competitive.  However, as well as competing, I love cycling in general and commute to work by choice as it helps me to keep fit, is often quicker than taking the car and saves a lot of money.  Also in our busy lives it helps me fit in two bike training sessions per day without eating into my swim and run times. 

OK so where does an electric bike fit into this?  From an athlete’s point of view it goes against what we are trying to achieve, we have to put in the effort on the hills, into the wind and along “treacle” roads to make us stronger, faster and fitter.  We need to do speed sessions, work on our cadence and we put high importance on the lightest, most aerodynamic carbon fibre dream machines we can afford.   

But that is not what this test ride is about – this bike is looking to serve a completely different purpose.  So after getting my instructions on how to operate the Mountain Sport (with Top Gun suspension forks!) I charged up the battery for an hour and then decided to set off for the other side of Wellow (30 mile round trip) to give it a blast.  First impressions?  It felt heavy – but once I applied the throttle we were off and I was grinning from ear to ear.  Negotiating a mini roundabout – I remember the advice about cornering and peddling – it takes off with you – very exciting for us speed freaks (I loved it) but this could be unnerving if you are not expecting it!  Travelling along Poles Lane (I call this treacle road as the road surface is hard, it’s usually into the wind and seems tough for some reason) so I spun the pedals and applied more power and whizzed along there – awesome!  Flew through Ampfield and up past the Arboretum, down to the Dukes Head and off up Old Salisbury Lane towards Awbridge. 

Now I wasn’t really sure how much power I had in the tank – the light indicator was showing four lights but these dropped to three when I put the throttle on – didn’t want to run out of power on the return journey so killed the power and just cycled.  OK – that’s quite hard but rolls along reasonably well once you get it going – I wouldn’t want to do a hill start in the wrong gear!  Arrive at my destination and soon had a small crowd of family and friends admiring the bike and wanting to give it a go.  “The French post office use these” I am told – then I get my Dad on it.  He wasn’t too sure and I headed in for a cup of tea …. seconds later he is demanding the keys and wants another go …..watching my Dad whizzing by the front window whopping with delight was a sight to see (my Dad is a young 73 and pretty agile).  He loved it.

I am afraid the competitor came out in me on the return journey and I shifted up to max power and pedalled hard – averaged 20mph and hit a top speed of 28mph.  Almost bounced myself off at one point but arrived home breathing hard and very warm but not exhausted.  Excellent fun.

 Sunday 27th November – I took part in an off-road run across Longmoor army camp training ground called the “Hellrunner” with a “Bog of Doom” and “Hills of Hell” – 10 miles of pain – loved it but my legs hurt and I would usually drive into work the next day.  Not with my new bike – I could cycle – active recovery they call it.

 Monday 28 November – cold crisp morning and I set off with all my lights attached to try out my new steed on the commute (16 mile round trip, two hills to moan about, lots of traffic and traffic lights).  Set the gears at 4-5 to create a reasonably high cadence (spin) to keep my legs moving and warm – I found that my hands got cold and the wind chill was getting to me as I was not using so much energy – simple solution …. just pedal more!  Problem solved.  Eased my way up Allbrook Hill (piece of cake) under power and along the cycle paths through Eastleigh and into Swaythling/Portswood.  Then the fun started.  I am getting the hang of this bike now and I can pull away from traffic lights leaving buses and cars in my wake.  This is a huge advantage if you are a competent rider as you do not get in the cars way cycling through town – you can go as fast as they can – please be safe though.  The brakes on this bike are fantastic but be aware of how heavy it is and how it will react.  I personally found it strong, sure-footed and felt totally under control.

Stopping and starting is easy under power – this was one of the points I was a little concerned about because cycling through town you are inevitably stopping at junctions, traffic lights, avoiding cars, pedestrians, other cyclists etc and on my ordinary bikes, stopping and unclipping from the pedals is a slight irritation and I didn’t find it difficult at all on this bike.  It is easy to stop, put your foot down and hold the bike securely – even though it is heavy it is not an issue (and I am really small!).

The commute home was one of the best tests I could have given a new bike – it was dark, raining heavily and there had been an accident somewhere because the roads are grid locked out of Portswood towards the motorway junctions.  Problem encountered because the traffic was moving at a snail’s pace – I don’t like overtaking on the inside of cars and they had not left enough room for me to go on the outside and not get hit head on by approaching traffic.  So I just hopped off and walked with my bike for 500 yards or so until it was safe to join again.  I thought this might have been an issue – it wasn’t and I only lost a little time.  Off down Stoneham Lane under power and whizzing along towards home – (Note:  could do with brighter front light Steve.)  This bike is great – I love it.  One of my favourite things tonight was clipping the franked mail bag under the luggage rack on the back – saved me having to get off the bike, take off rucksack, take out mail, put on rucksack and get going again.  (Note to self:  don’t attempt to check that mail bag is still there when hurtling down dark lane!)

 Tuesday 29 November- weather is wet and VERY windy.  Almost decided to take the car then the rain stopped – so off we set again.  Haven’t used hardly any battery by the way?  I was really impressed this morning with this bike – its heaviness made it incredibly sturdy and stable in a very strong wind.  I would have found this very tricky on my mountain bike and probably dangerous on my road bike (which is so light you can lift it with one finger) – blown all over the place.  But this bike stood still, the power pulled me through the head wind and it was a very positive ride in.

Bearing in mind that we cyclists get fitted for our bikes to the millimetre – I have had no issues with knee pain and haven’t adjusted the bike in anyway.  The only problem I have (and this is my problem – not the bikes) is that I am used to having my feet clipped into pedals and I keep forgetting this and try to pull the pedals up.  I also tend to bounce off the pedals quite a bit and I would need to find sturdy footwear to wear on this bike or get grips on my pedals!  The advantage of not having clip-ons is that you can wear any footwear (depending on weather of course) and walk easily. Problem solved:  wore my trainers with grippy soles.

 The ride home tonight was not as bad as I anticipated as the rain stopped so we just took off through the dark and wind – arrived home 30 minutes later and still have three bars showing on the power indicator?

Wednesday 30 November – lovely morning, not too cold and I am getting used to this bike.  I am going to really miss the way you can get this bike to accelerate away from junctions, traffic lights, around parked cars, out of danger etc.  I usually have to leap on the pedals and push hard.  I have also got used to the way this bike reacts and am keen to see how far you can go on one full charge of the battery.  I have been doing the conserving battery power thing and using pedal assist most of the time but I do let it take me up hills and to pick up speed along the slight gradients I encounter on my way to work.  If you wanted, you can make this so much easier but not sure how much power this would use up. 

Love the way this bike pulls you up the hills ! Have put the bike on charge at the office today ready for the return journey.

Left the office a bit late tonight – need to get to Eastleigh franking post box before 6.30pm so taking my time through Portswood towards Swaythling, the minute I hit Stoneham Lane I moved the power to “high” and just pedalled a bit faster – this bike flies!  I was hitting a really good average speed, slowed down again going through Eastleigh (past Fleming Park) made the post on time and then really cycled hard all the way home.  Made it in 22 minutes!!  Panting a bit but not anywhere near the lactate building, lung bursting effort you would need to put in on a race bike to match that pace!  If people want to cycle but do not have the inclination to or desire to push themselves physically – why would anyone NOT want to use this bike every day to commute.  It’s a joy.  And that gave me a work out tonight.

 Thursday 1 December – this is my last journey on the bike, I am running home tonight to get my running mileage in and Steve collects the bike from me tomorrow.  The journey in again was on high power and just peddling fast towards the office.  Another quick commute, no sitting around in traffic, no petrol costs, and lots of fresh air.  Still arrive slightly warm but that is because I do spin my legs a lot to keep the speed up on this bike without using excessive battery power.  I have really enjoyed my trial.

My thoughts…this bike makes me smile every time I ride it.

As a qualified personal trainer I believe that any movement is better than no movement at all – and anything that gets people out and about enjoying the fresh air and being physically active gets my vote.  I can see so many uses for this bike.  One of the many reasons I love cycling to work is that apart from saving me loads of cash, I don’t sit in traffic, and when I get home I have actually completed 70 minutes of cardio workout so I can concentrate on running, strength work or swimming.  But I think we “mad” people are in the minority – I have a bike for every season, mountain bike, training road bike, turbo trainer set up in the garage and a carbon road bike for racing – so it is not going to take much to get me out on the roads.  But how many people do we know who buy a bike, use it a lot to start with and then leave it to gather dust in the garage?  Is it because it becomes too much like hard work?  Will the electric bike be the answer to this problem?  I believe it could be.

 I see the advantages to having an electric bike are:

 •·        Comfortable to ride and easy to operate.

•·        Strong, stable and sturdy.  This bike is heavy but the heaviness gives it a good strong sturdy feel and it was very stable in the strong gales I was cycling in.

•·        Great for people who want to commute but feel the distance is a little too far for them.

•·        Great for those who are less able due to poor health or recovering from injury who need assistance and will now be given the freedom to get out and about.

•·        Handlebars are comfortable and do not cause pressure on the ulna nerve.

•·        The advantage of being able to wear normal clothes, hop on the bike and away you go, without getting too hot and bothered.

•·        Able to carry panniers etc without the need for rucksack etc.

•·        This bike is like riding at the back of the peloton, wind behind, being pulled along effortlessly at a decent speed.

•·        The price is pretty good ….. compared to road bikes this is a steal.

Disadvantage / Questions:

•·        Fitness benefits of cycling – you still get out of breath but you can opt to make it much easier.  You do need to be prepared to push yourself in life sometimes you know!

•·        Servicing?  Don’t know about this – my road bike costs me a fortune to have serviced?

Answer from LifeCycle Bikes: The standard service is exactly the same as an ordinary bike

•·        Punctures?  How easy is it to repair a puncture?

Answer from LifeCycle Bikes: The same as an ordinary bike. Unplug the rear wheel then remove it.

•·        Maintenance?  I got this lovely bike very muddy on my daily commute – what daily / weekly maintenance would you need to do to look after it properly?

Answer from LifeCycle Bikes: Maintenance is exactly the same as an ordinary bike

Interesting stats:

I attach some sheets showing the use of the electric bike on my commute compared to my mountain bike and also my pride and joy Karma.  You will note that the heart rate was only a little higher on the mountain bike than on the electric bike!  Although the Karma could keep up with the electric bike – even when on high power my heart rate was kept at a much higher level throughout the journey i.e. intensity was much higher.  For some reason I didn’t wear the heart rate monitor on the way home when I blasted the electric bike but my RPE (rate of perceived exertion) was it felt like  a good workout without the nose-bleed inducing high intensity sections up the long drag home!!!!!

Marie Kille

GB Age-Group Athlete

2011 Dextro Energy Triathlon – ITU World Championship Grand Final Beijing

10th Place in Sprint Distance 50-54 Age Group

Marie Kellie


I went out on the bike this afternoon.   It is (I am not given to over-statements) superb and excellent!    I cycled 20 miles, pedaling by way of exercise, with ease and pleasure.   I think it will be a new way of life for me.   (Thank you, too, for including the three stage assistance.   This is very helpful – I used mainly only the lowest stage today, to maximise exercise.)   It went up Dunstable hill to the Downs with no effort.
Very many thanks.



My Life Cycle is the best thing I have ever bought, no question about it. You said it was amazing and it really is.

I can’t tell you how much I love riding it.

I get to work much quicker and I am not worn out when I get home in the evening, it’s my life saver and I love it



Ron S


I have received my Alpine Sport and is just wonderful, I cannot get over how good it is, I ‘m so glad I decided to buy it.

Please thank everyone at Electric Bike World for the courteous and helpful way they have advised me.




This Life Cycle 500 is incredible, fast doesn’t describe it, it’s just amazing! Talk about goes like the wind if it had wings it would fly.

Everything you say about is true and then some. This bike is the business. No one overtakes me. And it looks so good as well.

My friend wants one he will call you tomorrow.
Tell him you’re out of stock or something just to upset him. Lol.

Take care



Just a note so say thank you to you and your kind staff and how much I am enjoying my electric bike. It’s such great fun and so easy to pedal it seems to go by all by itself, and the hills are so easy, not like before on my old Raleigh.

See you again soon

Mary F


Hi Guys
Now I see why you offer money back if not delighted.
No one is going to send this bike back, they would be mad if they did. It’s just excellent! And I love it!


Joe M


I can’t praise your staff too highly. You all have such knowledge and a passion for your bikes. Its no wonder you sell so many because they are so very good.

It was delivered on time and in first class condition, and your manager was so helpful in explaining how it all works.

The bike is really good I can go up hills faster and with such ease it’s wonderful and my poor old knees would thank you as well if they could.

Kind Regards

Tony M


I can’t understand my husband, before he got your Life Cycle mountain bike I couldn’t get him on a bike, and now I can’t get him off it.
He comes home from work and goes for a bike ride….amazing. Now he wants me to get one as well so we can go out together. Do we get a discount if I get get another one?


Ann P


The bike is brilliant, wife loves it (and so do i )

However, the nice red helmet you gave her is a bit too large
When we come back for the free 2 month service, can we change it for a smaller one? In the meantime, she will use our daughters helmet!

All the best,



This bike is the best thing I’ve ever bought it’s amazing. All my friends want one, I’ll send them over….. how about some commission?



Hi to everyone at Electric Bike World
The bike is going really well, I have been cycling to work every day. Can do it in 45 minutes which beats the car which takes at least an hour even on a good day.


Robin Green


Please pass my sincere thanks and gratitude on to all the relevant members of staff at Electric Bike World who helped in getting this brilliant bike to me, I am really thrilled with it.  I have passed my comments on to the lady who issues our weekly e-mail news letter and she says she would like to do a piece on it.

Many thanks again
Kind regards

Rosie Daisley


Hello Electric Bike World – first of all the bike I bought on Wednesday is marvelous – I am loving riding it and it copes brilliantly with all the hills in Winchester!  Really fantastic – life transforming for me.

I love my bike – it is so wonderful.  You will be interested to know I get asked a lot of questions about it round Winchester so I always give you a big plug.  It really is fantastic and has transformed my life really.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Many thanks

Fiona Harris


Your have done a sterling job delivering the bikes and explaining everything. Extremely pleased with them, made a 3 mile journey from work to home quicker than my wife made it home after dropping me off to get the bikes! Amazing. If you would like a lengthy testimonial of your service and the product I would be happy to do so.

All the best, and thank you for a great service and product.



My bike is now running perfectly,
I’ve never known such good service, nothing seems too much trouble. From now on I won’t take my bike anywhere else. If only everyone was as good as Electric Bike World, and please say thanks to your mechanic for me .


This Life Cycle mountain bike is sooooo good! None of my friends can keep up with me its great. Never thought electric bikes could be this good!



You promised my money back if I didn’t like the bike. Well I love it, and there’s no way you are getting this bike back

Fantastic bike, marvelous service, great people, you deserve your success

Paul Drake


When you said the LifeCycle was the best electric bike your weren’t joking, it’s fantastic. I just love riding it. Before I bought it you know I tried several other bikes and none of them were a patch on this one.

Thank you for all your advice and help. I shall certainly tell all my friends about you and this wonderful bike.

Yours Sincerely
And all the best



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