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Book a test ride


Booking a test ride is the best way to find out how good LifeCycle electric bikes really are. We just love people to come and try them because, without exception, every one who has tried them have been amazed at just how good they are.

We have a very large safe traffic free area, where you can come and have a go on all the different models of bikes.

Come and try all the bikes there is no restriction. Southampton isn't known for its rolling hills but there is a fairly steep hill just across the road so you can see for yourself how good they are at defeating hills effortlessly.

A test drive will convince you and it is always best to try before you buy if possible so book a test ride now and see for yourself.

We send our bikes all over the country and we understand that it is not always easy to visit Southampton, however if you do want to try before you buy, there is another way. We know that LifeCycle electric bikes are simply the best on the market but we would say that wouldn’t we? And we also know that the best way to prove it is for you to ride one around the roads that are familiar to you, where you live.

So our offer to you is this.

If you purchase the bike and after a few days of riding it you are not satisfied, just return the bike to us, or if we have sent the bike to you, simply pack it carefully back in the box, we will come and collect it, and provided there is no damage, we will give you a full refund.

This is an offer that we have been making since 2008 and in all that time no one has ever sent a bike back. That’s why we are so confident. Please note that bespoke builds cannot be returned as these are built to order.

These are not just ordinary electric bikes. These are genuine LifeCycles.

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