Step through electric bikes

Electric bikes are a great way to get more exercise, save money, and help the planet at the same time. So if you’re searching for a step through eBike, visit our online store or visit our team at our eBike shop in Hampshire today and browse through our collection of step through electric bikes

Are Step Through Bikes Just For Women?

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Wisper 705
The Wisper 705 Step Through is well styled and features a very adaptable unisex design that provides a great all around riding experience, as well as representing excellent value for money.
LifeCycle Alpine Sport
This is the continental 'step through' version of the LifeCycle Mountain Sport. 18Ah Samsung branded battery and Hi Torque motor. Elegant swept curved frame. Long distance battery. Hi Torque motor that effortlessly defeats hills. Puncture resistant tyres and self-adjusting disc brakes. This bike is extremely comfortable and pleasant to ride. 50-60 mile range. Come and try it, you will be delighted you did.
Axcess Hunter
Step through bike with a slightly lower spec makes this bike such excellent value 10Ah battery 20-25 mile range. Comfortable and easy to ride, quick and nimble. Perfect for commuting.
Axcess Exmoor
A Smaller step through framed bike with 24” wheels makes this ideal for the shorter person. This is a very stylish bike. Effortless to ride and comfortable with front suspension and a range or 20-25 miles.
Axcess Dressage
In a charming nod to the olden days, this “Call the Midwife” traditional cycle is for those hankering for older times but still wanting all the advantages of a modern electric bike. 20-25 mile range.
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