Smaller electric bikes

If you are a shorter person we have a range of electric bikes that are ideal for you
They are just as good as our other electric bikes but have smaller frames and smaller wheels and are perfect for a person from 4’ 10” (147cm)
They come with the same great features to take you effortlessly up hills, and we have a traffic free testing area, so come and have a go on them. 
They make your life easier and more enjoyable, so what are you waiting for? Call us now.
Wisper 806 folder
With a very low step over height the Wisper 806 electric bike is ideal for the rider smaller in stature.
Axcess Exmoor
A Smaller step through framed bike with 24” wheels makes this ideal for the shorter person. Effortless to ride and comfortable with 20-25 mile range.
LifeCycle Traveller
Long Distance, comfortable and powerful 40-45 mile range 18Ah Samsung battery with Hi Torque motor. This bike scampers up hills effortlessly, and just eats the miles. Twin disc brakes. Amazing.
Axcess Shetland
With a 20-25 mile range 10Ah battery and an easy fold frame its ideal to keep in your car boot, so you always have your electric bike with you when you’re out and about.
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