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Routine jobs

Removing a rear wheel

If you need to remove your rear wheel on your LifeCycle electric bike, such as to fix a puncture and you are not used to dealing with electric bikes follow this guide to help you.

  • Firstly unclip the motor plug. To do this you will need to slacken the wire to the motor which normally means cutting a cble tie but could also mean removing a plastic clip holding the wire to the frame.

  • Loosen chain, push derailleur cage ( gears ) forward to get slack on the chain and remove from chainwheel.

  • Modern LifeCycle bikes have disc brakes, older V-brakes will need to be slackened off using the noodle to allow the tyre to pass the brakes.

  • Unscrew wheel bolts with an 18mm spanner and hold the rear of the bike up, wheel should fall out of frame, if not give the tyre a quick bang with your palm. Lift chain away from rear cogs and remove wheel.

  • Leave the washer and bolts etc on the axle of the wheel as the wheel needs to be mounted back on the bike with the washers etc in the same position.

Also see the mini picture guide below. Click on the pictures for more info.

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