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Why buy from us?

It is often the case that companies that seem really enuthusiastic when selling you a bike become a lot less interested if there is a problem with it. All bikes bought from us are fully supported, no quibbling, no messing you around, we just try our very best to help. If you buy a bike from us we will keep you on the road for as long as you own it.

If you live a fair distance from us and find it hard to get to the workshop, that’s no problem. After all, we have customers the length and breadth of the UK so our warranty is fully supported where ever you live.

If any small part needs changing we will post it to you, if it’s something larger, any good bike repair shop will be able to deal with it, and of course we will pay for the repair under warranty.

And if none of this works out don't worry,  we will collect the bike, repair it and return it to you as quickly as we can.

We are e-bike specialists - we only deal in electric bikes. and we have been here doing exactly that for ten years. LifeCycle high quality electric bikes have been in continuous production for over ten years and were one of the first electric bikes on the market. Launched ten years ago they are still going strong. LifeCycles have a 2 year comprehensive no quibble warranty and we offer full support during your whole e-bike ownership with our on-site workshop.

LifeCycle Electric bikes are a real pleasure to ride. No longer will you need to struggle on hills or against a stiff headwind or even both as this becomes much easier on one of our bikes as the motor will automatically help you to defeat steep hills and strong winds with ease.

As soon as you begin to pedal the motor will start spinning the rear wheel to help you, and by using the on board handlebar display the level of assistance and speed required can be set. So you still get plenty of exercise, but without overdoing it, and without getting all hot and breathless. But most importantly you will be out and about on two wheels, getting fitter and healthier and  free from all the usual problems of traffic and parking etc.

You will also have all the advantages of your own personally powered transport and without the drawbacks, so you have the power but none of the usual costs of fuel, tax, licence and insurance that comes with a car.

Parking is free and easy, and you can conveniently park it right next to where you are going. If you need to carry anything heavy, well that's no problem either as the LifeCycle electric bike motor will be able to cope with the extra weight.

So pulling a trailer with children, dogs or even heavier things such a heavy guitar amplifier or tool boxes becomes less of an issue as does riding with a packed pannier, a basket full of shopping or a child in a child seat.

Electric bikes are becoming extremely popular everywhere in Europe, and now here in the UK they are becoming more popular as they make so much sense. As soon as you’ve tried one you will see why they are gaining in popularity.

When people try our LifeCycles in our testing area they all say the same thing. They arrive back with a big smile and say “This is amazing, why doesn’t everyone have one of these?”

One of our unique positions in the market is we are not just a seller; we are  committed to keep your electric bike on the road for as long as you own it - we have our original bikes coming in for maintenance and some of them they are now 10 years old and still running well.

We won't forget you as soon as you walk out of the shop with your new bike, we will always be there to help you in the future.

There has never been a better time to get an electric bike, but you only want to do this once, so get the best, get a LifeCycle electric bike and you won’t look back.


Come and try one in our safe traffic free testing area and you’ll see what we mean when we say "If you want the best it has to be LifeCycle."

Electric Bikes : Who are they for?

Everyone who wants a quick and easy commute to work at almost no cost

Everyone who wants to keep active without getting exhausted.

Everyone who likes cycling but struggles a bit going up hills.

Everyone who has parking problems.

Everyone who has a camper van.

Everyone with a motor home.

Everyone who has a caravan.

Everyone who has a boat.


What do they do?
They put a great big smile on your face.

They make you feel really wonderful.

They get you out in the country side.

They let you keep up with the kids.

They make cycling pleasurable.

They make Cycling effortless.

They keep you gently fit.

Why should you get one?
Because they put a great big smile on your face.

They make you feel really wonderful.

They get you out in the country side.

They let you keep up with the kids.

They make cycling pleasurable.

They make Cycling effortless.

They keep you gently fit.

There is nothing more important than your health and well-being. 
An electric bike will only improve your health and wellbeing.  
So don’t just stand there, Get one!

And while you’re at it, get the best one. Get a LifeCycle

LifeCycles have the best batteries, made by Samsung.

The longest range.

The best motors.

The best hydraulic brakes.

The best two year warranties.
They go the best, stop the best, and look the best, what else do you need?
Come and try one in our traffic free testing area and you’ll soon see what we mean when we say
Only a genuine LifeCycle is good enough.
It doesn’t matter where you live, you can still get a LifeCycle.

Call us now!

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