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How To Choose An Electric Bike

Mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, and even folding bikes; it’s easy to feel spoiled for choice when browsing through the products available from Electric Bike World. So if you’re interested in any of the electric bikes for sale on our online store but you need some assistance, worry not for the EBW team is here to help you make an informed purchase.

Choosing An Electric Bike

The eBike hobby is swiftly growing, so if you want to get in on the action you’ll need a powerful steed, but what do you choose? Do you opt for a Hi Torque motor with a 18Ah Samsung branded battery or maybe you'd prefer a 13Ah battery with “in frame” battery, providing a comfortable cruise for just the pleasure of riding?

We understand that eBike jargon can be a little confusing for those new to the hobby but don’t worry; here are a few helpful tips and recommendations to get you started.

  • Something For The City Life If you’re looking for something buzz around the city, an electric bike is an ideal choice as you don’t need to worry about fuel, licenses, and insurance. Additionally, to give you a boost in portability as space in the city is at a premium, you could opt for a fold-up bike. Folding bikes are also advantageous for urban areas due to their smaller wheels. Whilst smaller wheels do indeed mean a lower max speed, they will accelerate faster than larger wheeled bicycles, so when you combine this with a pedal assist motor, you’ll quickly get up to speed when the traffic lights change from red to green. Our recommendation for an urban bicycle is the LifeCycle Buzz, which is available at £699 each or £1200 for a pair, offering great value for money.

  • Reach Your Fitness Goals And Push Yourself Further Electric bikes are great for fitness for a wide variety of different reasons. Firstly, they are the ideal choice for people who are recovering from injuries, or people who are suffering from arthritis as the pedal assistance provides a form of low-impact exercise. In these cases, an eBike empowers them to remain active, despite their injuries. However, for those who don’t need low-impact exercise, it’s easy to see why people may think an eBike is inferior to an analogue bike, after all there’s an electric motor providing you with pedal assistance. However, the assistance offers a less tiring ride, which means you’re less likely to give up on your fitness goals, you’re more likely to cycle more often and in the long run, cycle more often. For those searching for a fitness option, we recommend the Mountain Sport. With up to 70 miles with self-adjusting hydraulic disc brakes and puncture resistant tyres, this reliable eBike can tackle off-road trails and dirt paths with ease.

  • Enjoy Your Commute And Cycle To Work If you like the idea of cycling to work and enjoying all of its benefits such as the assistance it provides with combating workplace stress, but you don’t want to arrive at work feeling exhausted, an eBike could be the solution to your problems. Thanks to the pedal assist motor, you’ll still receive the boost to your body’s system thanks to the release of chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and various endorphins. However, you won’t feel as exhausted upon arrival as the electric motor will allow you to cycle longer and further. Our recommendation for commuters is the City Sport from LifeCycle. This bicycle has a range of up to 70 miles with self-adjusting hydraulic disc brakes and puncture resistant tyres. Additionally, it has a long mudguard to help your trousers stay dry on wet morning commutes.

  • Secondary Transport, Ideal For Travelling Holidays If you enjoy holidaying in a caravan, motor home, or canal barge, you should consider purchasing an electric bike as a secondary item of transportation. A road-legal eBike will enable you to take full advantage of your freedom on holiday, visiting nearby areas by hopping on your bike for a few minutes. Additionally, with folding electric bikes, such as the LifeCycle Traveller or the LifeCycle Buzz, you’ll be able to easily store the bicycle indoors when you’re not using it, making it a great companion for your travelling holidays.

Join The eBike Hobby With Electric Bike World

If you would like to join the many cyclists all over the country who cycle using an electric bike, visit Electric Bike World in Southampton, Hampshire, our electric bikes will outperform all other road legal electric bikes in terms of speed, power, range, ease of use, backup and warranty.

We are one of the oldest established solely eBike shops in the UK, so if you have any questions regarding electric bikes, our team of specialists will be happy to help. Our shop is located at 54 Bedford place, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2DT.

However, if you would prefer to get in touch via telephone, please call 02380 236 540; our lines are open 9.00 – 5.00 Monday to Saturday

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