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eBike Vs eScooter – Who Will Win?

In the 21st century society, the world of bikes and scooters is changing, so who will win the eBattle, the electric bike or the electric scooter?

The Battle Of The E-Bike And The Scooter

If you’re unsure which is most appropriate for your needs, and you’re considering purchasing either an eBike or an eScooter, here’s a quick list of three different scenarios and some pros and cons of both methods of transport. Commuting to work, riding for leisure, and using the bike/scooter as secondary transport, for example when on holiday in a caravan or motor home.

Commuting To Work

  • eBike Electric bicycles have lots of great options for commuters. If portability if your primary concern with regards to a commuter bike, you could choose either a road bicycle designed for cycling in cycle lanes and on the road, such as out City Sport which has a longer mudguard to protect your work clothes from puddles along the way. Or alternatively, you could opt for a folding bicycle, allowing you to more conveniently take your bicycle on public transport, making it a great choice for those who need transport options within the city after taking their train.

  • eScooter Electric scooters are smaller than electric bikes as such they can be significantly more portable. However, the reduction in size does limit the range that you can use the scooter. For example, where an eBike such as the Lifecycle city sport has a range of up to 70 miles, whereas the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter has a range of 18.6 miles, which is considered long-range for an eScooter. However, it is very important to remember that electric scooters are currently ILLEGAL in the United Kingdom. They are classified as Personal Light Electric Vehicles which means you cannot legally use them on roads or pavements. If you use this method of transport to travel to work, you’re risking the possibility or arrest and a fine up to £75. So until there’s a change in the law, stick with eBikes.

Riding For Leisure
  • eBike Electrical bikes are great choices for off road cycling; as long as it does not provide pedal assistance above 25km/h (15.5 mph) and the bike’s power does not exceed 250 watts, you don’t need a license, you don’t need to register it, and you don’t need to pay vehicle tax. However, it is important to note that this only applies for Great Britain, in Northern Ireland a moped licence, registration, and proof of insurance is required; also eBikes are not permitted to ride on off-road bike routes in Northern Ireland which share the routes with pedal bikes (also known as push-bikes).

  • eScooter The battery concerns with regards to scooter range are somewhat minimised with regards to leisure use. However, it’s very important to keep in mind the issues regarding the legality of using an eScooter. So whilst the portability and riding style of the scooter might be desirable, an eBike can be used in more locations.

Secondary Transport Option

  • eBike When looking for an alternative method of transport, a folding eBike is a great choice. If you’re travelling in a motor home, caravan, or canal barge. The fold up designs make it easy to store in limited space environments and the electric motor makes up for some of the disadvantages of fold up bikes. Folding bicycles can sometimes have difficulty to ride up hills, however with the eBike assisting you as you pedal, hills will feel flattened out, resulting in a more enjoyable cycling experience.

  • eScooter If you’re searching for an alternative method of transport, a scooter can be a fun alternative to electric bikes, but the issue regarding legality remains. However, if you’re travelling abroad to countries where electric scooters are allowed on roads or cycle lanes, the scooter could be a great choice. For example, Austria and Switzerland allow them to go up to 25 kilometres per hour in a road or cycle lane; also with the bonus to portability you might prefer the scooter to an eBike. However, remember to keep in mind that with the added portability, you will be sacrificing the total range, so you’ll need to charge the scooter often.

The Final Verdict

So in the battle of the eBike Vs the eScooter, the winner is quite clear, at least for the moment. As you cannot legally ride an eScooter on a road or the pavement in the UK, the eBike is the clear winner with regards to commuting, leisure, and secondary transport.

However, if there are future changes to the law, the choice between an electric scooter or bike will be a far closer match and be largely down to personal choice and the pros and cons of range Vs portability.

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