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Should You Swap To An Electric Bike?

For years the largest city in the USA has banned the use of electric bikes; however this could soon change with the introduction of four bills that legalise the use of eBikes up to 15 mph.

So as our friends ‘across the pond’ look forward to the potential legalisation of eBikes in New York City, it’s worthwhile considering if now is the right time for you to make the switch from push bike to electric?

eBikes In The UK

In the United Kingdom, eBikes are a fantastic method of transportation and, providing they are road legal, you do not need a license, you don’t need to register it, and you don’t need to pay vehicle tax. The only restriction is that you are aged over 14 years old and that the bike does not provide pedal assistance above 25km/h (15.5 mph) and the power does not exceed 250 watts.

Why Should You Ride An eBike?

There are numerous advantages to riding an eBike some of which include:

  1. They Can Make Cyclists Feel Safer On The Road For some cyclists in urban areas, the act of cycling can be very scary if you’re riding on a road with no cycling lanes. When cycling on the road alongside cars and other motor vehicles, it can be quite intimidating for people as the cars will be moving significantly faster than them. However, with a pedlec eBike you’ll have pedal assistance up to 15.5 mph which means that the speed difference between the bicycle and nearby cars would be significantly less. Alissa Walker from Curbed wrote that when travelling via eBike, she had “never felt safer biking on LA’s streets”.

  2. They Open Up Cycling To Lots Of People Incapable Of Riding An ‘Acoustic’ Bike Some people may be unable to ride a bicycle for various different reasons. For example, some people may be suffering from arthritis or recovering from an injury and as such low-impact exercise is more suitable to them. Pedlec electric bikes only provide assistance whilst you’re pedalling, as such they still provide a great form of exercise and allow less physically able or injured individuals to enjoy the joys of cycling, both on urban and off-road areas.

  3. eBikes Can Help You To Get More Exercise It’s important to remember that whilst the motor on an eBike will provide you will assistance, you still need to exercise. The motor will give you a helping hand, enabling you to reach distances that were previously out of reach, this means that instead of driving a car whilst running errands, you might instead decide to ride your eBike, thus increasing the amount of exercise in your lifestyle.

  4. Do Your Bit For The Planet The dangerous surrounding global warming and climate change are well known and well documented. Many people understand how harmful methods of transportation such as cars are for the environment; as such swapping to an eBike could be a great way to do your bit for the planet. An electric bike is as eco-friendly as the energy you put into the bike. This means that if your electricity is sustainably sourced, you could significantly reduce your carbon footprint by travelling via eBike.

  5. You Could Save Money There are numerous costs associated with driving your own car, however with an eBike you do not need a license, you don’t need to register it, and you don’t need to pay vehicle tax. This means that choosing to commute via electric bicycle could cause some significant savings. eBiking to work could also be significantly cheaper than other alternative transport methods such as public transportation. Earlier this year train prices increased, however with your eBike, you simply need to make sure that you bike is charged up before you go to work and you’re good to go. If you would like to join the electric cycling world but you are concerned about the high prices of pedlec electric bicycles at the top of the range, don’t worry because the Buzz electric bike from Electric Bike World is a great choice. It’s also important to note that if you act fast, you can take advantage of our Buzz Bike Winter Sale. If you purchase our folding electric bike The Lifecycle Buzz this winter, you can do so at the low price of just £599. However, if you’re considering purchasing two electric bikes this winter, you’ll have the opportunity to save even more money as two Lifecycle Buzz eBikes will cost just £1000. That’s a saving of £398!

Join The Electric Bike Community – Visit Electric Bike World, eBike Specialists In Hampshire

There are numerous reasons why you might consider joining the electric bike community. Perhaps you would like to save money, make your commute more eco-friendly, or perhaps you would like to get more exercise in your day to day life. Whatever your reasons may be, get in touch with the experts at Electric Bike World team. We have been selling eBikes for over 10 years, so you can trust the expert advice available from our team of electric bike specialists.

If you have any questions, give us a call on 02380 236 540, our lines are open 9.00 – 5.00 Monday to Saturday. However, if you would prefer to visit our Hampshire eBike shop and speak to our team in person, please visit us in store. Our shop is located at 54 Bedford place, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2DT.

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