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Battery care

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

The beating heart of your electric bike is the battery, it's that neatly packaged parcel of Lithium cells that helps you get up and over those hills and make riding an electric bike an enjoyable experience rather than the leg aching , heart pumping, sweat producing experience it can be on a normal pedal bike. However, to get the best out of your battery and help it last for many years it does need some consideration in its usage. First things first, batteries like to be used, they don't want to sit in a cold garage for months on end in a state of discharge. So, keep riding the bike! This is easier for a commuter as they are out every morning and evening but if you only ride as a leisure rider try to remember to give the bike a good blast when you have a moment to get those battery cells working hard. It's easy to let weeks go by without riding,so perhaps try and get a routine where the main objective is to give the battery cells a good work out. And once you have had a good ride remember to recharge it back to 100% as soon as you can. Try to keep your battery out of situations where it can be exposed to extremely hot or cold temperatures , for instance keeping your bike in a greenhouse is not a good way to store your bike. If you cannot ride your bike over the cold winter months it's worth keeping the battery in a warmer environment and charging it periodically just to keep the cells active. With this advice you can enjoy many years of good service from your electric bike battery. At some point though the battery, after giving excellent service over many years, will begin to fail, this is the nature of lithium cells, they cannot go on forever whether in a bike battery , a cordless vacuum cleaner or a phone battery. You will notice a shorter range on the bike, possibly cutting out under load , for instance during a steep hill climb. Another indication is the time to fully charge the battery from empty will get noticeably shorter. But you don't need to change your bike when the battery fails, we can remove the spent lithium cells from the battery case and replace them with brand new ones. See our sister site, for further details.

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