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Buzz bike road test

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

This summer a new bike has joined the line up of LifeCycle manufactured electric bikes. It is the LifeCycle Buzz and comes in three eye catching colours with complimentary modern graphics; the choices are white, grey and blue frames. We looked at the budget/value end of the market and decided to design a bike that gave great value for money at a budget price, yet had some of the features we design into our more expensive bikes. At this price point we ditched the front suspension forks as they are not too effective and just add weight to the bike, kept our punchy little 36v 250W motor and control system which has pluggable components for easy maintenance and added a no fuss easy folding mechanism so it can be folded into the back of a car / caravan /boat or whatever takes your fancy in a matter of seconds.

Shortly after delivery of the bikes a chance popped up to get the bike up to Scotland for a thorough road test. Within days it ended up at the start of a 10 mile round trip along the shores of Loch Shiel in the western highlands. The track was a forestry track only used by 4WD drive vehicles and timber lorries so was not the perfect tarmac most bikes get tested on. It was also extremely hilly with steep up and down gradients scattered along the route. The Buzz bike, as most folders do only has 20" wheels which are quite small for bumpy off road tracks but they performed well, only occasionally scrabbling for grip on some of the more rutted grooves where loose gravel had gathered. There are 3 power levels on the Buzz bike and mostly only power 1 and 2 was used, with the maximum power level being welcome on some of the more strenuous uphill gradients. You can easily turn the power off using the handlebar control unit if you are going downhill or on the flat and want to preserve the battery life. As a normal bike it rides well, the 6 gears are smooth changing and the riding position is good with a comfortable saddle. 10 miles went pretty quickly and the battery was still showing the 3 lights of power; you can probably expect about 20 to 25 miles with the 8Ah battery depending on terrain , riding style etc. Back at the car the Buzz bike was easily folded down and stored in the boot, one of the quickest folders on the market.

So pop into the showroom and try one for yourself, we are sure you will agree with us. We can only offer you the use of our tarmac testing area in Southampton and not the rugged tracks of the Scottish highlands but at least the weather should be warmer and lets face it most folding bikes are going to spend their lives in the city. For more information on the Buzz bike please click here.

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