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Folders are back!

Looking back at over 10 years of trading at Electric Bike World we have found that the most popular bike has been the full size crossbar framed LifeCycle Mountain Sport bike followed by the full size step through LifeCycle Alpine Sport and then the folding LifeCycle Traveler bike.

From last year however this trend seems to be reversing and we have struggled to keep up with demand for the Traveler, in fact one order of 50 bikes was completely sold out before we had them delivered into the shop! And that pattern seems to be continuing as we have just taken a new delivery of Travelers and a lot of those have already been reserved.

Looking at the market in general I think a lot more electric folding bikes have appeared, some at really competitive price points and it is this that may be bringing people over to electric bikes. Also commuting by car in any city is becoming more stressful and expensive so a little bike that can cut through traffic and be folded away at work does seem ideal for many people.

I mentioned electric folders at competitive price points, well there is nothing wrong with that, in fact here at Electric Bike World we start at £549 for our entry level folding bikes, which is a great deal. Obviously they are not as good or as powerful a bike as the LifeCycle Traveler which we feel is the best electric folder on the market, especially with its new sleek modern gunmetal grey colour, but it will still get you to where you want to go and be portable when you get there.

Come in to the shop and have a test ride, especially if you have tried some competitors, we think you will find the LifeCycle Traveler a step above the rest.

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