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Spring into your pedals

It's getting warmer out there and it's definitely getting busier in the bike shop. This is the time of year when people are starting to get their bikes out of the shed or garage. The time of the leisure rider, not the hardened bike commuters of course who have slogged away on their bikes all through the winter, grinding their pedals through rain, ice and snow. The leisure rider is a different animal, a fair weather lover who wants to mix a bit of healthy exercise with some nice relaxed riding through some interesting places and who can blame them; there is something extremely pleasing about getting on your bike on a lovely spring day and seeing where the journey will take you. Of course if your bike has been laid up all winter it may need a little TLC, lubing the chain and gears and pumping the tyres up are the typical things that you will most likely need to do. If you can get to us Electric Bike World are doing servicing for electric and non electric bikes for £25 currently. Hopefully you have been periodically charging your battery over the winter just to keep it in tip top condition and increase its life expectancy, this is something often forgotten about. When your bike is ready to go, get out there and enjoy it, get your maps out and look for some interesting rides in your area; forest trails or canal paths for instance. Don't go mad on your first ride though if it has been a few months since your last ride and do expect a bit of a sore derriere especially after that first ride until your body gets used to cycling again!

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