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Gotta keep the customer satisfied

Are you a food delivery person? Determined to maximise your shift to eek out the maximum deliveries possible? Want good feedback from your hungry customers for prompt and hot food ? Then you need a powerful bike equipped with a powerful battery that will last your whole shift and not start playing up half way through. Our high torque motors will drive you up hills quickly and easily, and of course you need the best and safest brakes because it is unpredictable out there and with a backpack or pannier full of double pepperoni pizza and diet coke you need to be able to trust in your bike at all times with brakes that don't fade away with constant use. You might well be fit enough to ride a non assisted bike on your shift but the guys or girls riding electric bikes are getting to customers faster and doing more deliveries per shift. You really need a LifeCycle electric bike. Check out the LifeCycle battery. It's more powerful. Check out the LifeCycle hi torque road legal motor, It's more powerful. Check out the LifeCycle self-adjusting disc brakes. They are more powerful. Check out LifeCycle electric bikes. The best electric bikes out there. We supply bikes to all types of food delivery companies and self employed individuals and for very good reason. Come in and have a chat with us and a test ride or if you are further afield we can send the bike to you and you can simply return it to us if it is not what you expected.

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