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Any colour you want ...

Since the end of the classic range of LifeCycle bikes, there have basically been two colours in the LifeCycle, black for the Mountain Sport and silver for the Alpine sport and the folding Traveller. Nothing wrong with those colours of course, they suit the bikes and customers like them. However, towards the end of last year we gave an option for customers to be able to choose the colour of their bike from a comprehensive colour chart. And now in January we have just completed an order for an olive green Alpine Sport. Given the range of colours it is perhaps not the most dramatic to have chosen but the customer wanted it to match his van.

The process of changing the colour is fairly time consuming; the bike must be stripped of everything, right down to a bare frame, then taken for sandblasting and powder coating and finally reassembled and re-badged. You can see the results of the green bike below, in this case the forks and rear rack were also painted.

Phone the shop for more details if you are interested.

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