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Lifecycle bikes punch well above their weight

You can spend two or even three times as a much on an electric bike and amazingly some really do cost three times as much.

But these expensive bikes don't go any faster, or any further, they don't give you any more support on hills, they don't have a bigger capacity battery, and they won't have a better or longer warranty.

Expensive crank drive bikes are slower and not such good hill climbers as our LifeCycle bike and none of them will do as much distance as a LifeCycle bike. Some quote a similar range to the LifeCycle, but look at the small print where it usually says “in eco mode” The LifeCycle does it in all modes.

These expensive bikes don't have better brakes and they won't be any easier to ride.

So why would you do that?...Why would you spend all that extra money for absolutely no extra benefit? Just for the name?

And now that the 2018 LifeCycle bikes are equipped with the latest instant start technology, which means no more struggling to get going even on a hill, LifeCycle bikes are now better than ever.

Getting going particularly on a hill can be surprisingly hard on any electric bike.

But now when you’re on a LifeCycle electric Bike out and about, if you suddenly need to stop, getting going again is just a breeze. The bike will automatically and instantly give you all the help and assistance that you need.

Until now, a typical electric bike would need at least one turn of the pedal to get the motor going. But not on our new LifeCycles bikes.

With our latest technology, as soon as you press on the pedals you will get instant assistance from the motor, and this makes starting really effortless.

This might seem a simple improvement but it has taken more than a year of research and testing to achieve it, and to get it right. It involved writing a special new software for the controller in conjunction with a new, and highly sophisticated PAS sensor and reader, and now all this is fitted as standard to all LifeCycle electric bikes.

Come and try a genuine LifeCycle and you'll see for yourself why they really are the best electric bikes.

LifeCycle Electric Bikes...They go the best, they stop the best. What else do you need?

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