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Purchasing an electric mountain bike

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular around the UK for commuters. However, the electric mountain bike is becoming very popular with campers, caravan owners and those who enjoy bike trails and tracks. Take advantage of this buyer’s guide to help you get in the saddle and enjoy your very own electric mountain bike.

What To Look For When Buying An Electric Mountain Bike

There are a number of exciting features that make an e mountain bike stand out from a conventional mountain bike.

  1. The Motor and battery – This is obviously the most significant difference. Each e bike will have its own battery powered motor to aid with pedaling. Some batteries are larger in capacity than others, turning them into long distance electric mountain bikes, but the general principle is the same. Ultimately, the motor makes your bike easier to ride and increases the potential amount of trails you can enjoy in a day.

  2. Sturdy Construction – As with regular mountain bikes, electric mountain bikes are designed to be robust. The Frame, wheels, suspension and tyres have all been designed with bumpy tracks in mind, so electric mountain bikes are durable.

  3. Weight – Because of their robust nature, and the addition of a battery and motor, electric mountain bikes tend to be heavier than their traditional cousins. Take this into account when using your bike as some weigh more than others which results in different handling and performance characteristics. However, some models are only a few kilograms more than a regular bike, so the difference is not too much.

  4. Brands – As with regular mountain bikes, electric mountain bikes are being built and sold by a number of different manufacturers. LifeCycle are a leading name in the world of electric mountain bikes and Electric Bike World Ltd. have had the LifeCycle Electric Mountain Sport Bike tried and tested on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show!

  5. Upgrading a regular bike – Aftermarket motors and batteries are available to upgrade a regular mountain bike into an electric one. However, buying a specially designed electric bike will yield better results and perform better than a converted bike.

Electric Bike World Are Electric Mountain Bike Experts

At Electric Bike World, we have a range of fantastic electric bikes plus long distance electric mountain bikes to help you get pedaling in the great outdoors. We have a wealth of knowledge about the repairing and maintenance of e bikes, so you can be assured that you’re buying from a dependable and friendly retailer. In fact, when you’ve purchased your bike, we encourage you to keep in contact with us to keep up to date with the latest news and get the best service from us.

If you would like more information on electric mountain bikes, or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. You can call us and book a test ride on 02380 236 540 or email us at

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