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The sun is shining at last

Now the weather is getting warmer it really is time to get out on a bike, and what could be better than riding an electric bike.

Uphill, down dale, a little bit of gentle exercise and no exhaustion, Ideal. Just fun in the open air, and all the freedom you want. On a bike you feel as free as the wind.

Leave the car at home and get pedalling, you know you should do it, but you also know that on an ordinary bike it can be hard word work.

So get yourself an electric bike from LifeCycle.

You’re not training for the Olympics or trying to be an athlete, you’re just having a gentle ride and letting the motor assist you on the hills and against a headwind when you need it, and there’s no shame in getting a little help.

Better to enjoy cycling on an electric bike than not cycling at all.

It’s all those car drivers who are the real cheats, putting in no effort at all, destroying the planet and getting fat and lazy, while giving their air conditioning a hard time in their enclosed metal boxes, and all the while spewing out fumes to choke us all ,and allowing the countries that dig up the oil even richer, so they can buy more weapons.

So come on people, do the right thing, you know it makes sense, for you, your wallet and our planet. Now that electric bikes look so good, and go so well, there’s really no excuse for not doing it.

The cost of riding a LifeCycle electric bike is about £5 for a thousand miles of travel, compare that to a car, and it’s easy, effortless and fun, and really good for you, so why on earth wouldn’t you do it.

Maybe the only reason might be that you have never tried it, so now’s your chance to have a go for free, just pop down to Electric Bike World who are electric bike specialists to see us, and take one for a ride in our special traffic free testing area, then see what you’ve been missing all this time

You really will be surprised at just how good they are.

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