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Common customer questions

When customers ask us about electric bikes there are two main questions on their mind. How far will the bike travel on a single charge and how long will the battery last?

These are their main concerns so of course they are our man concerns as well.

That why we only use the highest capacity Samsung top quality batteries, which are a little more expensive at first, but not only do the job better than Chinese batteries they also work out cheaper in the long run because they last longer.

Batteries on the current range of LifeCycle bikes have a range of around 50 to 70 miles on full power and even more on the economy setting.

When it comes to batteries you definitely only get what you pay for. You know the old but very true saying “Buy cheap and you buy twice” and this is certainly the case when purchasing batteries.

The answer to the question how long does a battery last depends on its use, the more you use a Lithium celled battery the longer it will last as they do like being charged regularly. Over the years the battery capacity will reduce and you will get less range on your travels. Here at Electric Bike World we have re-celled batteries from a couple of years old to over 8 years old. It is also worth noting that most battery repairs are to do with the casings and locks/switches and not the cells themselves . Customers drop the batteries or fall off their bike damaging the housing or keys, they put keys in the charging points and short out the switch, lose their keys etc

Charging a battery from completely empty takes around 3 to 4 hours ( slow charging is best ) but most people are topping up after a ride so charge time is shorter.

However it’s not only with batteries where LifeCycle electric bikes score. Going is good but stopping is better, that’s why LifeCycles come as standard with Tektro self-adjusting hydraulic dis brakes on both wheels for total reliability and safe braking even in wet weather.

Tyres are your only contact with the road so they are fundamentally important. So we find it rather surprising that only a few people ask about them, but we at LifeCycle do appreciate their importance, so we fit Kenda 1.95” hybrid tyres with a puncture resistant lining.

This means that they are suitable for both on and off road cycling. They have a road style tread in the center of the tyres and an “Off road” style tread at the edges. This means they give a comfortable smooth ride on Tarmac, and good grip on gravel paths such as to bridal ways and tow paths, and are great though country and forest areas. In addition they have a reflective white stripe all around on both sides for safety.

Maintenance is really simple on our electric bikes, just keep the chain lightly oiled, and make sure the tyre pressure is correct, around 60 psi. For more info check out the maintenance page on our website

Every so often check that all the nuts and bolts are tight and that the brakes are ok, and that’s about it. Then every 12 months bring it in to us for a service and full check-up. We service all makes as well as LifeCycle including non-electric bikes as well.

Finally, weight, this is something we get asked about all the time; well electric bikes are going to be heavier than normal bikes as they have a 6kg motor an a 6kg battery as well as the other gubbins that comes with electric bikes. Reckon on around 20 - 23 kg but remember it won't feel heavy at all when the motor is pushing you up that hill with a basket full of groceries !

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