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Trike is ready to go

This amazing hand operated trike was sent to us to be turned into an electrically assisted hand operated trike and we have now finished all the work.

We have installed the 1000w motor and the large battery , motor controller and user controls with all associated wiring.

There was nothing readily available so most of the wiring loom was purpose made in our workshops. It was important that everything on this bike is “bullet proof” so heavy duty everything was used and then all the cabling wrapped in a protective sleeving. It all had to look neat and tidy and have no chance of any wires being snagged or pulled when the trike was in use or being boarded.

The LCD Display was mounted on a specially designed T Bar which was in turn fixed to the center vertical bar so that it was directly in line of sight for the rider. A throttle was also placed on this bar so the rider can get going without any pedaling effort - great for starting off on hills.

It was always going to be a problem knowing where to mount the throttle so the T bar worked out ideal. The owner does want some exercise, but if he gets to tired, he can just sit there and push the throttle and the trike will get him home with no pedaling at all, the battery is more than capable of running the motor with no pedal assistance.

When it was time for testing I was volunteered to have first go whilst my engineer stood by with the first aid kit!

I climbed into the seat and without turning on the electrics began to pedal with my hands, just to get the feel of this strange beast. It did feel unusual, I’ve been cycling all my life but a hand operated recumbent trike is something else, a completely different animal.

But once I got the hang of it I turned on the motor and as soon as began to pedal the motor started and I flew along effortlessly, Maybe I shouldn’t have set it at full speed, but that’s me, jumping straight in.

The trike was fantastic a bit strange to steer but very soon I got the hang of it and was soon whizzing round the track.

Next up was Tony. It was Tony who actually built it, he was reluctant to try it at first but when he did he went faster than me.

So this has been a great success, I sincerely hope the owner will get many miles of pleasure from it, and now when he’s out and about with his friends, it is they who will have difficulty keeping up with him.

He will certainly be the leader of the pack ... another great result for Electric Bike World!

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