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The new Alpine Sport electric bike

The new Alpine electric bike has just arrived, and it’s smarter than ever

The frame has an elegant swept back look the tubing is slimmer and lighter, the new chain guard is really neat with a new design shape, but most importantly of all it goes even better than before. There’s more torque for even better hill climbing and even against a strong headwind these bikes are effortless to ride.

LifeCycle never stand still, our design teams are constantly finding ways to improve the bikes and this time they have really done themselves proud with the new LifeCycle Alpine Sport being better than ever.

Just take a look at the picture, this is one nice looking bike, but better still come and have a go on one then you will know what we already know, it’s just the best electric bike.

Like all LifeCycles it comes equipped with Samsung batteries, no cheap Chinese batteries here! And they have Tektro self-adjusting hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels. This makes it possible for everyone to own the best electric bike on the planet.

The finish is sparkling metallic silver on a hand built alloy frame and the bike looks stunning.

On test the bike easily and effortlessly achieved the legal speed limit of 15.5mph and even going uphill the bike was effortless to ride.

The 1.95” puncture resistant tyres makes the bike feel surefooted and smooth to ride it feels really safe and well balanced on cornering and stopping was a dream, these hydraulic disc brakes really are the best brakes to have on any bike.

Come and try the new LifeCycle Alpine Sport for yourself at Electric Bike World.

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