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Electric - the future of transportation

Electric Bike World are leaders in electric bike technology and we love everything about electric transport. It is the way forward for the whole world. We must stop polluting our planet by burning oil, We must stop jamming up our towns and cities with cars, and we must get fitter by riding bikes. I use my electric bike every day to get to the office and back, but the future is not only electric bikes. Electric cars, vans and buses should all be a major priority for the government. But at least we are doing our bit. However, even electric cars can cause traffic jams, so whatever car you have, park it on the edge of town for free, get your folding electric bike out of the boot and pedal into town. Our Traveller folding electric bike is perfect for doing just that. It folds so easily that it will fit in the boot of almost any car. And cycling is far quicker and easier in town than any car, even super cars. So that's what I do, and here is a picture of my LifeCycle Traveller folding electric bike inside the boot of my electric car. It is quite a nice car, but I just love riding my electric bike, I take it with me wherever I go, it's so useful and so quick, and much healthier than driving. It effortlessly defeats hills and head winds and is a real pleasure to ride.

If you haven't experienced electric cycling, you really should. Come and try one in our testing area, because once you ride our electric Traveller you will be hooked. We know this because everyone one who tries them is astonished by their performance. Come and have ago and prepare to be amazed. These are not ordinary electric bikes. These are LifeCycles and there is a world of difference, but you'll never know till you've tried them.

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