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Is the government going to help cyclists?

Let’s hope the government will become more cycle friendly. Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson and many other MPs are cyclists, some even have electric bikes. I don’t understand why they haven’t done more to make cycling safer, so let’s hope Theresa May and her team will be more bike friendly.

Things are improving but too slowly. Of course there are so many calls for money to be spent on so many things but cycling is of such obvious benefit to society.

It cuts pollution, it cuts road repairs, it cuts congestion, it makes people healthier and so helps the NHS, and it cuts our dependency on oil.

The saving to society far outweighs the cost of a few cycle lanes, which only have to be built once then we have them forever. So we just can’t understand why it’s not more of a priority for the government and the local councils.

There are cycle lanes in most cities, but often they are not joined up into a coherent network, leaving the cyclist to ride on busy and sometimes dangerous roads and junctions.

At least with an electric bike you are safer than with an ordinary bike, because you have some extra power. The cars don’t pass you so quickly, getting going from the a standing start is easier because there’s no wobble effect, and because you have some extra power you feel more secure and more confident out there on the road.

Come and try one of our excellent LifeCycle electric bikes and experience this for yourself. We have a safe traffic free testing area where can have a go on them, and when you do, you will soon see what we mean.

Not all electric bikes are the same, in this business you definitely get what you pay for. You only want to but an electric bike once so it’s worth getting the best.

So come and try the best electric bike available, a LifeCycle Electric Bike. You just need to have one go on them, and you will immediately realise, as so many people already have, that LifeCycle electric bikes really are the best electric Bikes.

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