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There has never been a better time to get an electric bike.

For your health and well being it’s an ideal solution, everyone is concerned about their health and rightly so, but deliberately exercising in a gym is not the thing for everyone, and while cycling an ordinary bike is great, it’s often too much as we get older, so the bike sits in the shed unused.

But now you don’t have to give up cycling, you can ride an electric bike instead. You’ll still get exercise but you won’t get exhausted, going up hills is a breeze, and in town, riding an electric bike will get you there quicker than in a car, and when we say “there” we don’t mean finding an expensive car parking space followed by a long walk to get to your destination. An electric bike will get you right there, you can park it outside the door,

and you won’t need to worry about over staying and getting a fine either because bike parking is free for as long as you like.

Electric bikes really take the stress out of life, and for our health and well being less stress is something we all need.

No tax, no license, no fuel, no insurance, no MOT, no parking costs, no tolls, easy to park anywhere, no congestion charge, no pollution, no traffic hold ups, Effortless easy lifestyle, get fitter without even noticing, what’s not to like?

Come and try an electric bike in our large, safe traffic free testing area and you will see what you’ve been missing, Electric bikes are amazing, and they are the future.

When we first began selling electric bikes ten years ago back in 2007 they were seen as a bit strange, but as people have begun to realise what a great asset they are more and more people are riding them, for pleasure and for commuting. Eventually as everyone realises how good they are there will be as many electric bikes on the road as ordinary bikes.

LifeCycle is one of the pioneers of electric bikes, and they are still the best bikes, fitted with the highest quality components and best Samsung top of the range batteries.

You only want to buy one once, so get the best, get a LifeCycle.

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