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  • Stuart Conway

Summer is on the way

Summer is nearly here and the lighter evenings are ideal for going for a bike ride. After a day’s work you might usually not feel like going out on an ordinary bike, all that heavy pedaling - it’s just easier to sit and watch the telly, but on an electric bike it’s a whole different thing.

You still get exercise, but you don’t get exhausted. The electric motor assists you on the hills and against the head winds so you can just fly along effortlessly, putting in as much or as little effort as you want to.

Not all electric bikes are the same. If you want to be absolutely sure of having enough battery power for the whole journey there and back then you need the best batteries, that’s why LifeCycle only fit Samsung batteries. Using a cheap Chinese batteries is ok at first, but you know they will not last as long but of course that’s why they’re cheap. You only get what you pay for. Cheap batteries work out more expensive in the end because you will need to replace it sooner.

The same is true of other parts of the bike. For example the brakes, it’s the brakes that keep you safe so of course they are very important. LifeCycle bikes are fitted with the best self-adjusting hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels. They don’t slip or fade, and the brake levers only need the lights of pulling to stop you safely, even in wet weather. The tyres on LifeCycle electric bikes have a built in puncture resistant linings. Although nothing is 100% puncture proof, but as they say “every little helps”

If you’re comfortable on your bike it’s so much more pleasant to ride, so our LifeCycle electric bikes not only have front fork suspension so its gentle on your arms and wrists, they also have saddle post suspension to even out the potholes and dodgy road surfaces, so its gentle and kind to your back.

For all these reasons you should ride a LifeCycle it will totally change your world of cycling and bring a smile to your face every time you go out for a ride on it.

We have the whole range of electric bikes on display in our showroom and they are just waiting for you to come and try them. We know you’ll be glad you did.

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