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What about the motor?

Indeed, what about the motor. All two litre cars aren’t the same, so why would you expect all 250 watt electric bike motors to be the same.

Even all electric motors from the same company are not the same. These massive electric motor companies make many different styles and qualities of motors. It says 250 watts on virtually all electric bikes but that doesn’t mean they are all the same. In addition the PAS sensor and main controller are often very different and these will also affect the way the bike performs.

All formula one cars have the same size engines, but some clearly go better than others and that’s because of the different components used and the way they are constructed.

So of course an electric bikes performance can’t simply be measured by the motor wattage. Quality of manufacture, and other parts used all make a big difference.

Most electric motors manufactures use a similar motor casings because that’s the tried and tested way to fit them on a bike, but just because the outside case may look similar, doesn’t necessarily mean the motor inside is the same.

LifeCycle electric bikes only use the best quality motor components with sealed inner bearings to give the motor a low rolling resistance and therefore a better range by not hitting the battery so hard. This also gives the bike better acceleration, and quicker starting to make it easier for the rider to get going from a standing start. Everything is under less strain and this is good for the longevity of all the components.

It always pays to get the best, in in the case of LifeCycle electric bikes the best isn’t even much more expensive, and in fact buying the best works out cheaper in the end.

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