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Here’s how to Pedal your bike better.

Here’s how to Pedal your bike more effectively.

Most people pedal their bikes by just pushing down on the pedals, each one in turn. But did you know you easily increase the power and speed of your bike by simply pushing the pedal forward at the top of the pedal stroke and back and the bottom of the pedal stroke.

Club cyclist use clips so they can lift the pedal as well but that’s probably too much for the ordinary cyclist.

But when you think that there are four parts to each full pedal stroke, forward, down, backwards and up, but most people only use just one, the down strike. So it’s obvious how much power is wasted.

Of course many people are quite content to just push the pedals down and that’s OK, but next time you are out on your bike, be it an ordinary bike or and electric bike, give it a go, try it, pedal down then push the pedal back while you are pushing the opposite pedal forward and just see how much different that makes, you will be quite surprised at how good that feels, and how much better your bikes goes, and this is really good for your leg muscles.

It will tone them up, you will feel much better and the bike will go much better.

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