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Punctures ... the curse of the cyclist

Getting a puncture is such a nuisance and in the spring when the councils trim the greenery at the road side all those thorns are just lying there waiting to get you.

So if you are unfortunate enough to get a puncture here are a few tips and a quick ways of deal with them

Firstly, keep a can if pressurised quick tyre inflator with liquid to seal the puncture with you at all times, they are quite small and are very handy. This isn’t a permanent solution but it should inflate the tyre and seal the puncture at the same time, enough to get you home.

If you don’t have one of these, and it’s the front wheel, undo the wheel nuts, and slip the wheel out and change the tube. You do carry spare tubes don’t you? Otherwise find the puncture and stick a patch on it.

However, if you do need to mend the puncture with a patch it’s still quite easy to do.

If it’s the rear wheel there’s no need to remove the wheel because you don’t want to get your hands oily from the chain and the gears. Just deflate the tyre and push the tyre off the rim then fish out the tube. It will be still trapped in the bike frame but you will be able to partly inflate it to find the puncture.

Clean and roughen the area and being careful not to touch it with greasy fingers smear glue over a larger area than the patch leave it to set for at least five minutes. Then stick the patch on the tube. Press it and hold it for a few moments then cover the excess glue with chalk from the puncture kit to prevent the glue sticking to the inside of the tyre.

Then put it all back on the rim putting the valve in first. Be extra careful putting the patch in, you don’t want it to come off again. Then put the tyre back and off you go

Remember that a patch should be considered to be a temporary repair, as soon as you can, replace the tube with a new one.

Make sure you check the tyre to find the cause of the puncture or you will get another puncture as soon as you inflate the tube.

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