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  • Stuart Conway

10 years and still going strong

It’s our tenth year in the electric bike business.

Electric Bike World are now ten years old. When we began back in 2007 electric bikes were considered to be a bit weird, people would say, why anyone would want an electric bike? So I would say, well try one and you’ll soon realise why, and when they did try one, they bought one.

Since those early days electric bikes have grown into a worldwide phenomenon. Soon there will be as many electric bikes being sold as ordinary bikes, and that can only be good for the people and world.

If you’re riding on the road

for sport of course nothing can beat a lightweight racer with skinny wheels and a million gears. But most people are not looking for that kind of cycling. Most want a bike to keep a little fit, using it to commute, or maybe just for pleasure, or for transport without a car. For all these reasons and many more, electric cycling is definitely the way forward.

For anyone with health issues electric biking is fantastic. If you have breathing, joint, or heart issues that might otherwise prevent you from cycling, an e-bike will enable you to keep riding, and give you gentle exercise without overdoing it. Electric bikes give you freedom.

If you’ve never tried an electric bike, then you should, it’s a really great experience, pleasurable and fun.

We have a safe, traffic free testing area when you try them, and everyone who does come to try them arrives back with a big grin. So come on, come and have a go and let us put a big smile on your face.

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