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Traffic blues

Look at the traffic colour coding on most mapping systems in the morning and evening commutes in our cities and large towns and it has a depressingly red tinge to it. You know the pack-drill in the winter , de-ice the car, drive to the end of the street and get into a queue to take you the few miles to work. OK you can listen to Chris Evans screaming at you in the relative comfort of your heated interior but continually working the clutch, watching the traffic lights go green, then back to red before you have even moved is not exactly stress-free. Then watch the cyclist glide past you and disappear up the road before you have gone a car length, don't you wonder who has the right idea? ; he or she is commuting almost cost-free, getting fitter and arriving at work when they want to not when the traffic dictates. Add an electric motor into the mix and surely it is worth thinking about making the swap, even it is only for a few days a week ....

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