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New Electric Bike World website launched today

Today sees Electric Bike World launch a new website; This will now be the new home for Electric Bike World on the internet. The old site had done us well for many years but it was definitely time for an update - the latest site is all new from the ground up rather than just a lick of paint so we hope you really like it.

We have kept all the useful information that we held on our old site so it is as informative as ever but with a more modern and fresh appearance. Hopefully you will take the time to look through the new site; We'd recommend checking out the bespoke builds and batteries section. We also have a new line of great value E-life folding electric bikes which are worth a look. Drop us an email with any feedback you may have and don't forget you are always welcome to come to the shop and try out any of the bikes or as always you can phone us with any questions you may have on our bikes, batteries , servicing, upgrades etc .....

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