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It's national bike week

So it's a good week to get back on your bike. If you don't commute by bike why not try it one day this week. I know many people find the roads intimidating on a bike so they stick to their cars or buses or use those flat things on the end of their legs.

But there is no need when you can cycle. We encourage all cycling but being an electric bike shop we understand commuting is better with helpful power on hand. An electric bike will take all the really hard work and stress away and make cycling easy and fun even if you are not as fit as you one were. Even better, you can get to the office without looking like you've done 5 rounds with Tyson Fury.

There are a few simple techniques for staying safe on our busy roads and we have a page on our website which is well worth reading about this subject.

We feel riding an electric bike is safer than an ordinary bike for many reasons. They are easier to get started from the traffic light so there is no wobbly start up. They are faster than ordinary bikes and will keep up with busy town traffic and the cars don’t pass you so quickly. Because you have some motor power you feel much more in control. As you won’t be getting too tired from pedalling your concentration and alertness will be higher.

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