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Bike insurance

It’s always a bit of a worry leaving your lovely electric bike parked up, even with a good lock it’s still a concern.

Here at electric bike world we sell a wide range of cycle locks from £10 to £100 and we always have something to suit.

However it is wise to also get your bike insured as well, and to help you we have teamed up with Velosure bike insurance to make it easy to arrange and give you peace of mind. It’s cost effective because unlike many insurance companies Velosure cycle insurance specialise in insuring electric bikes.

Just click on the Velosure link on our home page to go straight through to their site where you can sign up on line with no fuss or bother; their phone number is also there so if you prefer you can call them and speak to an advisor who will help you.

Now you can leave your electric bike safely knowing that not only is it locked up securely, if anything were to happen you will be covered.

Velosure are in Warrington, and are a top UK cycle insurance company, with a dedicated cycle insurance team so you know you are in good hands.

Carrying a heavy duty lock on a bike is ideal but can be awkward, and on an ordinary bike it will seem too heavy, but not with a LifeCycle electric bike, because no matter how heavy your bike lock is, on a powerful LifeCycle, when you carry the lock inside a LifeCycle pannier on the rear parcel rack you won’t even notice it’s there. The bike will still feel as light as a feather and any extra weight will make no difference at all to the ride

Come and try one and you will soon see what we mean. LifeCycles really are the best electric bikes

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