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It's all about the batteries

With electric bikes, it’s all about the batteries.

When buying an electric bike there are two main things to consider, how well it goes and how well it stops.

LifeCycle electric bikes are fitted with high quality Samsung 37v 18Ah batteries we don’t use unbranded Chinese generic batteries.

The science is quite clear, any electric bike with a quality battery will go for about 3 miles per Ah (AMP Hour) so a 36v 5Ah battery will go for a maximum of 15 miles and a 36v 10 Ah battery for about for about 30 miles.

But you can’t use any battery right to the end because as the battery nears its end it will have very little power left.

So for example with a 10Ah battery, the safe range is about 20 miles, that’s only 10 miles out and 10 miles home. And that’s assuming there are no steep hills or headwinds or many starts and stops, all of which use the battery faster.

So be extra safe, a journey out of 8/10 miles is all you will get, and using a 36v 5Ah battery will get you less than half of this. An electric bike with a 5Ah battery is almost useless.

LifeCycle batteries are 37v 18Ah 666 watts hours and are high quality Samsung cells so they are good for about 55 miles, using the same calculation as above the safe range is 45miles. And this is using the bike on full power. Reduce the power by selecting a different speed on the handlebar display and the battery will last even longer.

So when it comes to electric bikes it’s all about the battery.

Get more information about this and any other aspect of electric bikes from our website.


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