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LifeCycles electric bikes have been in continuous production for 10 years since 2007 and right from the beginning have always lead the way. Constantly striving for improvement and new innovation is what keeps LifeCycle way ahead. Take a look at the innovations that have put us there and that keep us there.

2017 The first Folding electric Bike bike with twin disc brakes
2016 The first to have integrated Controllers
2015 The first to have all integrated cabling
2014 The First e- bike to have Samsung 18Ah batteries as standard.
2013 The first electric bike to have Hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels
2013 The LifeCycle Strada is first e-electric bike with a Panasonic 24Ah battery
2013 The first e-Bike to have an all plug and play electrical system
2013 The first electric bike to have a 100 mile range bike
2013 The First electric bike with a Hydro-formed frame
2012 LifeCycle electric bikes were the first to have disc brakes on both wheels
2012 The first to have 17Ah batteries
2011 The first to mount the controller below the crank for a better balanced bike
2011 The first electric bikes to have all hydraulic disc brakes
2010 The first to have anti-puncture tyres
2010 The first to have anti-puncture inner tubes
2010 The first e-bikes to have a higher top gear for slower pedaling
2009 The first to have sealed bearings
2008 The first to offer a free choice of mudguards
2008 The first to offer a 19” frame
2007 The first to run all the electric cables inside the frame tubing
2007 The first with a two year warranty

2007 The First Electric Bike shop in Hampshire
Compare a LifeCycle electric bike with any other electric bike,
And we mean any other electric bike, and you will clearly see that the LifeCycle has got the others beat out of sight. The battery, the motor, the frame, the brakes, the design and styling. Whichever way you look at it, LifeCycles are head and shoulders above the others, but it’s not just the bikes that are better. The two year warranty, back up and support is also the best in the industry.

When people ask “how heavy are LifeCycle Electric Bikes, the answer is 24Kilos but there is far more to it than just that.
LifeCycle Electric Bikes all have handmade alloy frames, which are very light. The wheels have double wall alloy rims. The front forks have suspension for comfort.

With the current state of the roads a bike without suspension can be tiring on the wrists and can also be unstable, just think of a car or motorbike without suspension, it wouldn’t stay on the road, and the saddle post has built in suspension to protect your back for the same reasons.
The chain is bright stainless and will not rust, not the cheap steel that most bikes use.
LifeCycles have Shimano Tourney 7 Speed gears with a quick shift touch button gear changer.

But most important of all, LifeCycle Electric Bikes have the Hi Torque X-tension motor that is exclusive to LifeCycle. No other electric bike has this special motor. And this motor is powered by a Samsung Lithium 37Volt 18Ah Battery the combination of which puts LifeCycles light years ahead of any other electric bike. Come and try one and we’ll prove it to you.
The new LifeCycle Strada has an astonishing 24Ah battery making it by far the largest capacity battery on any road legal electric bike
It’s all about the battery.

In a racing car, what makes the difference? The driver, yes of course, but it’s really all about the engine, The Formula 1 world champions can’t consistently win if they don’t have the best car, and that’s a fact.
It’s the same with any powered vehicle, even if the power is supplied by you, for example Running, Rowing or Cycling, it’s always the same equation. Whoever has the most power wins.
Even though you are not in a race, you still want a bike that will do all the things you expect, help up hills, and help against a strong headwind. Particularly if you have any health issues, and you need the power to last. That’s why you need the best batteries with the highest capacity, and that’s why we fit top branded high quality, high capacity batteries from the best makers in the world, Panasonic and Samsung. You should never settle for less.
And that’s also why LifeCycle electric bikes have the best motor possible. It costs a little more, but it really does the job, and that is what people want and expect.

All these things are bound to add weight. But even so, at only 24 kilos LifeCycle Electric Bikes are still much the same as any ordinary mountain bike would be without the battery, and of course you need a power source in an electric bike. And the best power source are the ones LifeCycle use.
No Chinese unbranded batteries here. LifeCycles come equipped with either Samsung or Panasonic batteries. Before you buy any electric bike you should ask who makes the battery, because it’s the battery that makes the bike go, and that’s the whole point of having an electric bike. Please don’t be fooled, any bikes sold with a battery just with the bike makers name on are cheap Chinese ones. If they were Samsung they would say so.  
The LifeCycle Mountain Sport, Alpine Sport and the LifeCycle Traveler Folding bikes all have a Samsung 37 Volt 18Ah 666 watt hour battery as standard. Because they will take a person, uphill and down dale for over 50 miles (with a little pedal assist) and that is amazing in such a small neat battery.

When you ride your electric bike you don’t want it running out of steam on the way home. That’s why you need the best, most efficient and largest capacity battery, and that is why LifeCycle Electric Bikes have such powerful lithium batteries from Samsung and Panasonic, two of the best and most respected battery makers in the world.


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