Long range electric bikes

If you are interested in the many advantages of travelling on an electric bike, but you’re concerned about a bicycle not having high enough range, we suggest browsing through our collection of long range electric bikes. Click to Read more ....

Mountain Sport
The flagship of the fleet, 50-60 mile range 18Ah Samsung battery, Hi Torque motor and hydraulic discs. This is the most powerful long distance road legal electric bike on the market.
An impressive performer, electric bikes just don’t get any better than this.
Alpine Sport
This is the continental 'step through' version of the Mountain Sport. 18Ah Samsung branded battery and Hi Torque motor. Elegant swept curved frame. Long distance battery. Hi Torque motor that effortlessly defeats hills. Self-adjusting disc brakes. This bike is extremely comfortable and pleasant to ride.
City Sport
Longer mudguard version of the Mountain Sport. For those wet morning commutes when you prefer the bike to get wet rather than your trousers!
Strada GT
Italian flare and powerful battery make this a stand out bike.
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