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The LifeCycle factory

This is the purpose built LifeCycle Electric Bike factory where all LifeCycles begin their life

Travellers ready for shipping

The production process is meticulously monitored during each of the production stages, and every bike is ridden before they reach the packaging hall

In the pictures above, the bikes have been assembled and are about to go through the final testing stage. Take a look and see the bikes lined up and waiting for their final checks.

You can see that each bike has a quality control QC sheet on the rear rack. Every item on the QC sheet will be checked and signed off before packing and dispatch. The QC sheet remains with the bikes until the bikes reach the customer.

At our state of the art factory we utilities the latest production techniques and production equipment, in a clean and dust free environment where our staff are well trained, and paid above the national average wage. Hours of work are restricted to a reasonable number to allow plenty of “family time” for our production staff.

This is just part of the reason that we able to make the finest electric bikes. Take a look at the pictures below of the LifeCycle Factory. We are very proud of it.

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