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An amazing lightweight folding electric bike from LifeCycle, built to our own specification to give great bang for the buck. Comes in blue, grey or white frame colours.

The new 2018 LifeCycle Buzz is perfect for effortlessly Buzzing around town or country. Equipped with a 250 watt motor and a 8Ah Lithium battery, this bike makes short and easy work of hills and headwinds, and is just a real pleasure to ride.

And when you’re done, just fold it in 20 seconds and pop it in the boot of your car, or in your boat or motor home or caravan.

There are 6 gears and 3 motor speed settings plus an “off “mode for riding as an ordinary pedal bike. At the fastest setting the bike will take you effortlessly at about 15.5mph for around 20miles on a single charge, and it will do even more distance if you use one of the slower speed settings.  

For commuting, if you need to use the bus or train as well as cycling, or have limited parking available at work, the Buzz folding electric bike is brilliant. Not only will you arrive on time, the Buzz conveniently folds away which makes it easy to store or carry on and off public transport.

Take your Buzz folding electric bike on holiday! It can be easily stored in a car boot making it perfect for motor homes, boats, caravans and more. We also offer handy carry bags to keep your Buzz protected when not being used. The dimensions of the bike when folded are 89 x 72 x43 cm or 35 x 28 x 17 inches.

Charging costs are approximately £5 for a 1000 miles of travel.
If the battery has been completely run down the recharging time is about 3 hours.
The battery can be unlocked and removed from the bike for charging or storage.
The battery can be recharged on or off the bike.
The battery cannot be over charged, the charger turns itself off when the battery is full.
There is no need to empty the battery before re-charging, you can just top it up after each use.
The battery can be recharged using any 240volt source, including an inverter.
The bike comes in a box ready to ride. Just inflate the tyres, and you’re good to go.

It really is the perfect solution. Will suit riders from 4'7" (140cm) to 6' 2" (190cm).

Arrange A Test Ride Today

We’re confident that you will really like the LifeCycle Buzz bike.

To book a test ride with us today, or to buy one of our amazing Buzz folding electric bikes, call us today for more information.

  • Range up to 25 Miles

  • Lithium 36volts, 8Ah, 288watt Hours (Wh)

  • Quick fold mechanism.

  • Choice of 3 colours

  • LCD display with 3 levels of power

  • One year no quibble warranty

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Click the Buy Now button on the right to go through to the PayPal login screen. Please let us know the colour of the bike ( white, blue or grey ) and your telephone number for the courier in the 'notes to merchant' section in the PayPal site.

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