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Super High capacity 18Ah Samsung Battery and HI Torque motor, combined with twin disc brakes make this the best folding electric bike.


This bike just scampers up even the steepest hills with ease. The LifeCycle Traveller is the perfect companion for a motor home or camper van  

This bike also has a road legal throttle.

Electric bikes are already a safe, convenient method of transportation for the daily commute; but a folding one is even better!


The LifeCycle Traveller folding electric bike is the best, latest and smartest folding e-bike because it comes with such a long distance battery, a Hi Torque motor, and disc brakes.

So they go the best, stop the best and look the best. What else do you need?


And like all LifeCycles there is a no-quibble two year warranty on the bike and the battery for your peace of mind.

Traveller Folding Electric Bikes: The Most Powerful Folding Electric Bike On The Market!

With its Hi-Torque motor and revolutionary high capacity Samsung battery, the Traveller Folding Electric Bike will carry you up to 45 miles on a single charge! and at max speed.


Select a lower speed from the handle bar display, and the range will be even more. 

With its low step through easy to fold brushed alloy frame, and its powerful Hi Torque motor not normally found on folding bikes, we know that the Traveller from LifeCycle is the most powerful and the best electric folding bike available!

Come and try one for yourself, and see what we mean when we say

"Only A LifeCycle is good enough"

LifeCycle electric bikes have been in continuous production for over ten years since 2007, so reliability is built in as standard. Of course there have been many upgrades and improvements over the years, and the 2018 models now in stock are the best ever.

The Traveller folding electric bike is extremely user friendly, offering six levels of assistance from the handle bar control.

What’s more, the Traveller folding electric bike also has a grip and twist throttle so you can travel without needing to pedal at all!

Its 37volt, 18Ah batteries are the highest capacity batteries ever attached to a commercial folding e bike. So, you can be confident that when you set off, your bike has enough power to get you there and back again. Click here for more battery info.

Safety And Convenience With A Traveller Folding Electric Bike

For extra safety and stopping power, the Traveller folding electric bike is fitted with twin disk brakes. So not only do you now have the most powerful folding e-bike, you’ll have the safest, best stopping one too!

For commuting, if you need to use the bus or train as well as cycling, or have limited parking available at work, the Traveller folding electric bike is brilliant. Not only will you arrive on time, the Traveller conveniently folds away which makes it easy to store or carry on and off public transport.

Take your Traveller folding electric bike on holiday! It can be easily stored in a car boot making it perfect for motor homes, boats, caravans and more. We also offer handy carry bags to keep your Traveller in when not being used.

Arrange A Test Ride Today

We’re confident that you’ve never ridden an electric folding bike as good as the Traveller.

In fact, we firmly believe you’ll notice the difference immediately.

To book a test ride with us today, or to buy one of our amazing Traveller Folding Electric Bikes, call us today for more information.

  • Range up to 70 Miles

  • Extra-long distance Samsung 18Ah battery with USB Port

  •  Disc Brakes

  • Puncture resistant tyres

  • LCD display with 6 levels of selectable of power and boost

  • Double warranty on everything

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