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Strada GT

The 24 Ah Panasonic battery gives these electric bikes an effortless range of over 80 miles. There are no other electric bikes on the market to compete with its style and sheer power, and when you ride it, you will be simply blown away by its smoothness  and balance under power.

The LifeCycle Strada is the only electric bikes with Panasonic 24Ah batteries and we would wager the only road legal electric bikes with this level of power.

LifeCycle Strada electric bikes all have Hydro-formed frames. This is the very latest technology for forming the tubing that makes up the electric bike frame.

Hydroforming enables us to design an elegant frame shape, that while being lighter and with slimmer graceful shaped tubing, also improves the strength and rigidity of the bike, and that gives the Strada such a beautiful smooth and balanced ride that feels light, nimble and incredibly safe and sure-footed on the road.

Strada electric bikes were inspired by Italian designers and hydro-formed into a shape that could not be achieved by the traditional methods of frame manufacture. Our designers then added the special graphics that add a real touch of class.

This is an an electric bike that really stands out from the crowd and makes you feel like a million dollars. The bike looks amazing so what else could we do but complete it by adding only the finest equipment.

Come and try one, because we are confident you will love it; speak to our team today about this outstanding electric bike.

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