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Mountain Sport

  • Range up to 70 Miles

  • Extra-long distance Samsung 18Ah battery with USB Port

  • Self-adjusting Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • Puncture resistant tyres

  • LCD display with 6 levels of selectable of power and boost

  • Double warranty on everything

These bikes come with a road legal throttle.


Electric bikes just don’t come any better than this.


Electric Bikes are all about the batteries and that's a fact. These unusually powerful bikes are equipped 37v 18Ah Samsung  branded batteries coupled with LifeCycle HI-Torque motors, and that combination gives them around 50/60 miles when ridden at maximum speed, and makes them by far the best bikes on the market. Click here for more battery info.

The reason they are the best bikes, is because combined with stunning good looks they are the fastest electric bikes, they are the most powerful electric bikes, they go the furthest on a single charge, and they have the best and safest self-adjusting hydraulic disc brakes.  

There are  six speed settings to choose from and choosing a slower speed gives even more miles. 


When it comes to electric bikes, these LifeCycles are as good as it gets.

Read all the details and specifications and you will see why the LifeCycle Mountain Sport electric bike really is one of the finest electric bikes that you can buy.


Other electric bikes may try to look similar, and there are now a few copies of this bike but a genuine LifeCycle will always stand head and shoulders above the rest.


LifeCycle electric bikes have been in continuous production for over ten years since 2007, so reliability is built in as standard. Of course there have been many upgrades and improvements over the years, and the 2018 models now in stock are the best ever.

They go the best, stop the best and look the best, what else do you need?

This bike comes with a no-quibble 2 year warranty on the bike and the battery so if you really want the best electric bike, always insist on a genuine LifeCycle.

Call our friendly & knowledgeable sales team for more information.

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