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High Power Electric Bike


We are Electric Bike World, the company you need to contact if you want a high power electric bike. We offer the best high power electric bikes in the industry and we aim to try and convince cycling enthusiasts to make the plunge and switch to high power electric bikes. Electric bikes are incredible and truly are one of the life’s amazing inventions. They help users travel more efficiently but still stimulate people for exercise.


If you want the best high power electric bike, we really are the company you need to contact. Here at Electric Bike World, we really are the electric bike specialists. With over ten years experience, if you need a high power electric bike we can help you decide on the right one for you and your needs.


The electric bikes we are really passionate about are the LifeCycle electric bikes. The battery, motor, frame, brakes and design are always made of the highest quality and are the key reasons as to why these electric bikes are preferred by our team and customers alike. They really do look the part and perform adequately, but they’re light weight for an electric bike, making them easy to move along your journey. They are the perfect high power electric bike for any cyclist.


If you would like to speak to our excellent customer service team, feel free to contact us today. We understand how difficult it can be choosing the perfect high power electric bike for you, so our team can talk you through the whole buying process and really help you choose the high power electric bike you desire.

So if you want one of the high power electric bikes we supply why not give us a call on 02380 236 540 or drop us an email at But if you live in the area, why not come visit us? Our address is on our website and then you can ride away on your new high power electric bike.

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