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Ex-display bikes from £499

These bikes are now all sold out. Please see the Buzz bike page, our new budget bike.

ONLY £499

A fantastic bike at a fantastic price

The e-Life Natural is a steel framed 20 inch electric folding bike with a rack mounted battery. The gloss black colour is complimented by a white version although these are now in very short supply.

These bikes make all cycling journeys a joy through the powered assistance of the 250W motor both bikes say goodbye to steep hills that make your muscles ache, strong winds that hold you back and say hello to up to 20 miles of assisted, easy and convenient bike trips.

Key features

The battery
The battery has hi tech Lithium cells of 36v 8Ah. This means it will power you up 20 miles on one single charge (dependent on the weight or the rider and the terrain it is being ridden on). But after this it only takes 2-4 hours to fully charge back up. The battery can simply slid out from the rack on the voyager. So battery removal takes seconds.
Folding the bike
The e-Life bikes sit on 20” double walled alloy rim wheels, allowing a low centre of gravity and easy step over frame, always giving the rider maximum confidence. After folding the handle bars down and flipping the pedals in, you can simply pull on the safety pin in the centre of the frame allowing it to fold in half. A simple action which should take no longer that 12 seconds. To reduce the weight when folding the bike, simply remove the battery first, by flipping up the saddle and you end up with a bike that only weighs in at 15kg (20kg with battery). 
Folding the bike means it doesn’t need to go on a bike rack, just put it in the boot. If you are a boater or a motor homer it's so convenient to take the bike on your journeys.
Pedal assist
As soon as you start pedaling the motor kicks in. This is called pedal assist, it has three levels of assistance, low medium and high. It makes light work of hills and wind and allows you to travel further than you ever thought possible. This coupled with the 6 speed Shimano gears, means you can speed past regular bikes on the hills and also the flat. Full assistance will power you to 15.5 miles per hour.
Never again arrive at work in a sweat, you can ride this bike in full business attire. The e-Life makes commuting a dream
The motor
Manufactured by XOFO, the makers of reliable moped and electric bikes throughout the far east. Established for over 10 years.
Other key features
Full mudguards
Built to EN standards EN15194
Bike stand
Rear rack
Power checker on the battery
6 speed shimano lever gears on the handle bars
Comfort saddle

In summary, a great look, and a great light weight design at an amazingly low price. 

They are only £499... Get one while you can!

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