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De-restricted and over powered electric bikes.

The rules are that the maximum speed that an electric bike is allowed to achieve on the highway using the motor is 15.5 mph (25kph)

Therefore all road legal electric bikes, no matter which make or brand are only able to achieve the maximum speed of 15.5mph.

We can arrange for LifeCycle electric bikes to be fitted with a de-restrict switch that will enable our electric bikes to exceed this road limit speed.

This is a free facility, please ask when purchasing your bike.

Please note that de-restricting the bike in this way makes it not for use on the road, so the de-restrict switch must not be used when cycling on the road.

De-restricting turns the bike into an “off road” bike only, because it can then exceed the 15.5mph speed limit.

De-restricted and over powered electric bikes are great fun to use and really flatten hills, however as we have already mentioned they are for off road use only.

Please call for more information about this and our other high powered bikes.

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