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Budget electric bikes

This is our range of budget priced Electric Bikes. Excellent Bikes, Excellent Value
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If you would like to join the electric cycling world but you’re concerned about high prices of pedelec bicycles, don’t worry because the talented team of eBike experts at Electric Bike World have a fantastic selection of budget electric bikes to choose from.


Why Should You Get An Electric Bike?


Unlike a ‘regular bicycle’ the electric bike will assist you in your journey, this makes eBikes ideal for people who do not want to feel tired and out of energy when they arrive at their destination, such as commuters or people using them as transport for running errands.


It’s also important to note the many exercise benefits of an electric bicycle. Whilst the electric motor will provide assistance, a road legal electric bicycle still requires you to pedal; as such it still a great way to get a cardio workout. This makes eBikes ideal for those trying to lose weight or those who want to supplement their workout regimes with additional cardio.

Additionally, a pedelec bicycle is also a fantastic way for people who are recovering from injuries or suffering from arthritis as the pedal assistance provides a low-impact exercise, allowing people to stay active.


A Selection Of Affordable Bikes From Electric Bike World

Electric Bike World is one of the oldest established solely eBike shops in the UK, so if you’re searching for high quality products and expert advice; visit our electric bike shop in Hampshire today.


A Great Range eBike At A Reasonable Price

The Axcess Shetland electric bicycle is fitted with new battery technology which provides more concentrated energy in each cell. Additionally, if you opt for the 16Ah battery you can have an outstanding range of 45 miles, making it the ideal choice for

those searching for a step-through electric bicycle, at a price that won’t break the bank.


Tackle Off-Road Trails And Climbs With Pedal Assistance

If you want a high quality electric mountain bike on a budget, we recommend the Axcess Mustang. With a range of 45 to 55 miles and a 16AH battery, this bike is an ideal choice for tackling technical off-road terrain and mastering steep climbs on

mountain biking adventures.


Quick And Nimble, Ideal For Commuters

The Axcess Hunter provides its rider with a comfortable ride thanks to its relaxed saddle and ergonomic design. Additionally, this eBike also includes thumb throttle arrangements providing assistance getting started, making it a fantastic choice for

commuters who are cycling in areas without cycle lanes.


Mixing Traditional Style With 21st Century Technology

The power and advantages of electric cycling are appealing to many, however for some the style of electric bikes leaves a lot to be desired. However, if you are searching for a traditional style bicycle that utilises the fantastic power of an electric bicycle, look no

further than the Axcess Hunter Dressage.


Based on the above Axcess Hunter, it includes the numerous advantages of such a fantastic eBike for commuters. However, with amber walled tyres, tan leather look saddle and grips, and a front wicker basket; this electric bike provides a comfortable

and relaxed ride for those who prefer a more traditional style bicycle.


A Frame Designed For Shorter Riders

People who are between 5’ and 5’5” tall can sometimes encounter difficulty when searching for bicycles. However, at Electric Bike World, we’ve been assisting customers find their ideal eBikes for over 10 years. So if you need an eBike with a frame designed for shorter riders, we recommend the Axcess Exmoor electrical bike.

Join The World Of Electric Biking With A Budget eBike

There are numerous reasons why people choose to purchase and electric bike. In addition to the advantages with regards to exercise, you can also enjoy the freedom and convenience of an electric bicycle. Additionally, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to worry about costs of fuel, tax, licence, and insurance.

Also, climate change is a very serious threat and it’s important that we all do our bit to help the planet. An electric bike is a fantastic opportunity for you to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly. Remember, as an electric bike is powered by electricity, you could choose to charge the bicycle using a renewable source of electricity.

If you would like to join the world of electric biking but you’re concerned about the cost of entry, there are lots of different ways that you can mitigate the cost of purchasing an eBike. Firstly, you can look for different discounts from online retailers or look to the second hand market for pre-owned electric bikes. However, it is also important that you consider other cost mitigation factors such as reduction in commuting costs, or a reduction in gym membership costs if you purchase a bicycle for commuting, exercise, or both.


Electric Bike World – A Team Of Electric Bike Specialists In Hampshire If you would like to electric bike hobby and purchase your first electric bike, please visit our Hampshire eBike shop. Our electric bikes will outperform all other road legal electric bikes in terms of speed, power, range, ease of use, backup and warranty. So if you have any questions or queries and you would like to speak to a member of staff, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the information below. If you would like to contact a member of staff, you can get in touch with our friendly team by calling 02380 236 540, our lines are open 9.00 – 5.00 Monday to Saturday. However, if you would prefer to visit our Hampshire eBike shop and speak to our team in person, please visit us in store. Our shop is located at 54 Bedford place, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2DT.

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