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Bespoke bike builds


The standard range of LifeCycle bikes are designed to be a great balance between speed and battery capacity and can even come with a de-restrict option for a little extra speed if customers require it ( this is free, click here for details ).  However we are aware that some customers want their bikes to go even further or go faster or perhaps both. You will be pleased to know here at Electric Bike World we cater for all aspects of bike modification, on our new bikes or on your existing electric bike. Read below for further details.

We can increase the distance that your bike will travel by fitting larger batteries, 20Ah, 30Ah and now even 40Amp hours is possible which will give you an achievable range of well over 100 miles.


In fact a staff member proved this by riding from our showroom in Southampton, through the New Forest to Bournemouth pier, and all the way back - a significant bike ride of over 100 miles. 


Large single batteries with increased capacities are  very good but they are big and quite heavy. Traditionally we have placed these batteries in a rear hard pannier on the back of the bike and used the original empty battery case to house the controller.


Whilst we still do this, we also offer a different solution and that is to have two batteries for long rides. This has the additional advantage of not having the weight of a large battery if you are just nipping out for a shorter ride as you can leave one behind. You can also recharge one while you are using the other one.

Recently we have made some further improvements in that we now have the ability to make batteries up to 30Ah in our standard battery casing so no modification to the bike is necessary. 

This will give you an achievable range of about 80-90 miles, and the bikes appearance will be unchanged

Whatever your range or battery requirement, just give us a ring, we are sure we can help.

We are Electric Bike World.

The standard road legal motor unit power rating across all electric bikes in the UK is 250 watts. However we can offer the fitment of more powerful units with uprated controllers batteries and electrics.

These faster and more powerful bikes are for off road use only. They are too powerful and too fast to be used on the road.

There are various power levels to choose from; 350w, 500w, 1000w. The installation of the 1000watt motor also needs an upgrade to a 48Vbattery. This upgrade makes the bike extremely fast and very powerful.


We also have the capability to fit a 20Ah 48V battery inside one of our standard battery cases, so the bikes still look very smart and remain well balanced.

These bikes might appear the same, but they disappear very differently. However please note they are not for road use because they are too powerful.

Because the controllers for these more powerful motors are larger they cannot be accommodated inside the standard controller housing.  So we at Electric Bike World have designed a special housing to contain them. These are painted to match the bike and are fitted in our workshop by our own skilled engineers. This keeps the bikes neat and tidy, and the bike's general appearance remains unaltered. 


We have ten years experience with electric bikes.

So whatever your requirement, give us a call to discuss it.

Endurance bikes that go further
Endurance bikes that go further

We can increase the distance that your bike will travel by fitting larger batteries, 40 Ah for instance. The only problem with these large capacities is that the single batteries are large and heavy. Traditionally we have placed thes batteries in a rear hard pannier and retained the empty cse to house the controller. Our recommendation now is to have two batteries for long rides.

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Express bikes that go faster
Express bikes that go faster

The standard legal motor unit power rating across all electric bikes in the UK is 250 watts. This is for use on the road; for off road or private estates etc we can offer fitment of more powerful units with uprated controllers and electrics.

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Example build 1 - LifeCycle Mountain Sport Endurance

In the picture above the classic and best selling Mountain Sport has been modified to accept a 57Ah battery. That's not a typo, it's the biggest capacity battery we have ever fitted onto a bike. The owner really wanted a long distance cruiser and that's exactly what he got. We estimate its range is over 150 miles


He has recently let us know that he has travelled from Bolton to Stockport and back and still had more than 60% of his battery charge remaining.

Example build 2 - LifeCycle Traveller Express

In the picture above our popular folding bike, the Traveller, has been upgraded from the standard 36v 250W motor (which as our customers who own the traveller will know is not exactly slow) to a 48v 1000w motor. The end result is the 30mph Traveller Express. A real pocket rocket in every sense of the word.


This bike now lives in Sweden with its owner.

Example build - LifeCycle Alpine Sport Express

Here is a 48Volt, 1000w Alpine Sport. The controller in this instance was unusually large and the best option for discrete mounting was by using a double rack and inserting the controller into a waterproof cable friendly housing mounted inside the rack.  The battery is a specially built Panasonic 48V 20Ah unit ensuring there is always plenty of power on tap for the powerful motor.


As you can imagine this bike is seriously fast .

Example build - LifeCycle Mountain Sport Express

This is our latest express build, a mountain sport with a 48Volt 1000watt motor.  There is very little visual difference from a standard Mountain Sport because of the under mounted controller system we have used. This technique is unique to Electric Bike World.


The large handlebar LCD display gives the rider full control of the motor output and enables them to keep an eye on the speed which, which as you can imagine, increases rather dramatically on this bike.

Bespoke colours

We are now pleased to be able to offer our customers an almost unlimited choice of frame colours.

Powder coating is a great way of customizing your bike to your own personal taste.

Our bikes do look great in metallic black or metallic silver but if you really want to stand out from the crowd, we will individually spray your bike your chosen colour.


We spray on the powder coat by hand, and then oven bake to harden the paint the same way that cars are treated, resulting a spectacular and very durable finish.   


Choose a colour from this chart and you will have your own individual perfect bike.

Phone us for details.


The build process

Attention to detail is important to us here at Electric Bike World and we apply this to every bespoke build we do for customers.


All components are fully tested on a rig before they are installed on the bike.


Discrete installation of components is also of great importance to us and we always try to mount them in the most subtle way so that the outward appearance of the bike is not dramatically altered.

Please note that all bespoke bikes are made individually for each customer and so they cannot be returned.

Please note that we don’t fit conversion kits to turn ordinary bikes into electric bikes

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