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Mustang electric bikes have slightly smaller frames than LifeCycles and operate with a more gentle start up, but they are still powerful enough to get you up those hills.

You can choose between a 10Ah or for a longer range a 16Ah battery.

Like all the Axcess range they have a thumb operated throttle in addition to the pedal assist option, and you can use both systems at the same time. Using the throttle makes it easy and effortless to get started on a hill.

This bike has both functions built in to the bike for a really pleasant and effortless bike ride.

When set on medium power, there are three press button power settings to choose from, with a 10Ah battery, its range is around 30 to 35 miles, and with the 16AH battery the range goes up to around 45/55 miles, and with its 250watt brushless motor depending on your choice of settings it gives plenty of speed and power.

The Mustang is the perfect electric bike for those on a limited budget but still want a great electric bike.

You can get this bike on some great finance deals here at electric Bike World.  Good for your fitness and seriously cheaper than any other powered transport. Give us a call and ask about the excellent Mustang electric bike.

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