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The Exmoor electric bike has a slightly smaller frame and 24″ wheel making this an ideal bike for those who need a smaller electric bike that goes as well as the larger versions.

The Exmoor is a really nice smart electric bike with plenty of power to get you up those hills and is ideal for people between 5′ and 5’5″.

It has automatic pedal assist that starts up when you begin to pedal and a thumb operated throttle to help you get going from a standing start.

It comes with a choice of 10Ah or 16Ah lithium batteries.

The range is around 30 to 35 miles when on its half power setting, and its 250 watt motor coupled with its 10Ah battery will give you all the power you need.

The battery can be simply removed from the bike for easy charging because the seat flips up, but you can also recharge the battery on the bike. You cannot overcharge it because the battery charger turns itself off when the battery is full.


The Exmoor Electric Bike is a perfect choice for those who want a great e-bike on a budget.

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