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In car 12v battery charger £85

in car electric bike charger

New to Electric Bike World

These 12V battery chargers utilise your cigarette lighter socket or any 12v accessory socket in your car to charge your eBike battery on the move, negating the need for an inverter.

Great for trips out on the bike where you have traveled by car to reach your destination.

Be sensible when charging, cars can get hot in the summer and batteries and chargers don't like it too hot either.

Note that as standard these chargers come with an XLR type socket but we are happy to swap this over for an older type plug if required.

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Rear light anchor

Rear lights £25

rear pannier light
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These Bike Lights are bright and clear with red LED flashing and static modes, and a very low battery drain.

The bike lights come complete with batteries and are designed to fit on the rear rack of the bikes to replace the reflector on the parcel rack.

They work brilliantly to ensure you are fully visible while out riding our electric bikes and can be seen easily by other road users from the sides as well as from behind.

These Rear lights are not be obscured by the use of a pannier or even the wearing of a long jacket, but these very bright rear light replace the reflector on the rear rack, and so the light is not blocked by a pannier or by your coat or jacket.

These rear bike lights are easy fix, and simply replace the existing reflector that is already on the bikes Complete with batteries and easy fix mount.

For extra safety, have these rear lights fitted in pairs. Two lights are better than one, so we have designed a special mounting bracket that will fit a pair of these lights on the rear carrier. With two of these lights flashing on the back of your electric bike, you will be easily noticed by other road users and really stand out making your journey much safer.

Helmet anchor

Fibre optic helmet £59

bike helmet with in built lights
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Electric Bike Helmet with a bright flashing Red light at the back and a fibre optic light all around the helmet

Ordinary lights on your helmet are not a good idea because as you turn your head, the light can face the wrong way and could cause confusion to motorists and other road users

This helmet is the perfect answer, because this electric bike helmet has a red built in Fibre Optic Halo all round the outside of the helmet so that it can been from all directions, and in addition it has a bright red light at the back of the helmet that can flash or remain steady.

Lights on helmets like this are an ideal safety feature and will keep you extra safe as they can be seen easily by the drivers of following cars, even when they are several lines of traffic, or coming out of a side road.

Nothing is more important that your safety, and this high quality electric bike helmet with built fibre optics is the ideal companion for you and your LifeCycle Electric Bike.

Pannier anchor

LifeCycle pannier £49

Small pannier
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Exclusive LifeCycle Small Panniers for Electric Bikes

These small Panniers for electric Bikes were originally designed for our LifeCycle Traveller folding electric bike, because until now, small panniers for folding electric bikes weren’t available.

But they actually fit really well on all LifeCycle Electric Bikes

These small Panniers, originally designed for LifeCycle folding electric Bikes were tried on a full size LifeCycle Mountain Sport electric bikes and it was immediately clear that they were ideal for the full sized electric bikes as well.

The Small Panniers for electric Bikes proved to be perfect our full size bikes, and not only do they fit the big electric bikes very well, they are neat and tidy, and with sewn in fibre board and stiffening at the back sides and bottom, they keep their shape even when they are empty, they are just right for carrying all your personal items safely.

These Small Panniers for electric Bikes are ideal for carrying a drink, a sandwich, mobile phones, keys and other small items. Keep your Hi Viz vest and cycle lights, lock, gloves, even a rain Mac in it, and they will always be there when you need them.

They come with Velcro straps to secure them to the bike rack, but they are so well designed that just placing them under the parcel rack spring is enough to keep them in place without using the straps, and then you just lift the pannier off by raising the spring with one hand, and lifting the pannier off with the other.

There is also a carrying handle for you to just lift the panniers off the bike and then take it take with you wherever you go., When you return to your bike just lift the rack spring and pop the pannier back in place on the bike and off you go…easy

And best of all they have a stiff internal insert so they keep there shape even when there’re empty. That way your bike always looks smart and tidy, and this insert also protects the pannier fabric from sharp objects that you may carry inside them. 

These Small Panniers for electric Bikes have been designed by us for LifeCycle Electric Bikes, and are only available from Electric Bike World and LifeCycle electric bike dealers

The internal size is 23cm X 23cm X 12cm

Lock anchor

Heavy duty lock £49

Heavy duty lock
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Heavy Duty Electric Bike Lock cable lock with five security keys

This 25mm (1 inch) thick electric bike lock is covered in a thick vinyl plastic coating to protect the paintwork on your electric bike

Unusually tough and armoured, this electric bike lock is made from 25mm twisted steel and sleeved in protected hardened steel flexible tubing. Then the whole unit is covered in thick vinyl to protect the paint work of your bike, and to make the lock pleasant to handle.

The keys are laser cut for extra security and the main key has a built in led torch that makes it easy to find the key hole in dimly lit areas. there are also four more laser cut  mini keys that are easy to keep as spares.

LifeCycles are beautiful bikes and if you value your electric bike you really need one of these excellent locks.and to keep it safe.

The main lock has a double bolt mechanism, and an all round cut protected locking insert.

Lock your electric bike up with this lock and to be comfortable that it will still be there when you

This is a really serious high security cable electric bike lock. Its 25mm (1 inch) thick metal rope protected within an armoured steel flexible casing, and then covered in a vinyl plastic coating to protect your electric bike

The benefits for you are

  • Very High security Armoured Lock

  • Pick, Pull and Drill Resistant

  • Optimum deterrent against physical attack

  • Includes 5 Laser Cut Keys one with micro light built in torch

  • Vinyl coated to protect paint work

Keep this Lock wrapped around the seat post or tucked away in the pannier so it’s always there when you need to secure your electric bicycle.

This is one very tough electric bike lock. Be sure to use it every time you leave your bike unattended.

Cover anchor

Folding bike cover £89

bike bag

Carry bag for the Traveller Folding Electric Bike

This zip up carry bag is the perfect companion for the LifeCycle Traveller folding electric bike. Purpose designed for the bike Its really useful to keep your bike clean and tidy when not in use.

It keeps the bike together in your car boot, motorhome or caravan, and protects your carpet if the wheels get a bit muddy.

It also makes it much easier to lift the bike when its folded.

It’s easy to use with a long heavy duty zip that allows the bag to opened out flat Then place the folded bike on it and zip it up, easy!

Made from very strong waterproof fabric in a smart dark blue and with twin long shoulder handles for easy lifting

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Wire basket anchor

Front wire basket £29

front basket
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Front basket for electric bikes
It just clips on and off the handlebars

A front basket for electric bikes is ideal for shopping and transporting small items. This front basket is suitable for all electric bikes and just clips on and off the handlebars for ease of use. So you can park your bike and simply take it with you.

Ideal for shopping and with a built in carry handle its an ideal companion for LifeCycle electric bikes.
It has a built in carry handle so just un-clip it from the bike handlebars and then you can use it for your shopping.
When you get back to your bike, simply pop it back in place on your handle bars and off you go.

While cycling keep your personal possessions such as you your hand bag safely tucked inside it and where you can keep you eye on your things as you ride.

We know that ladies like to keep their hand bags safely in sight at all time so this is
the perfect place for it because as you cycle along you can see it all the time.

If you have a small dog it will love to sit inside it as you ride along, and have a good view as you pedal about.

This front basket for electric bikes is a perfect addition to your LifeCycle electric bike, and because any additional weight in the basket will make no difference the performance of the LifeCycle electric bike.

Even with this front basket for electric bikes fitted and fully loaded, you will not notice any difference in the power or speed of the LifeCycle electric bike.

If there is a lot of extra weight in the basket the steering may feel different but that is the only change that you will notice


seat anchor

Child seat £95

child seat
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Child Seat for Electric Bikes

A child seat for electric bikes needs to be extra safe, because electric bikes are far more powerful that ordinary bikes. Its therefore important that the child’s seat on an electric bike is ultra safe and secure keeping your child protected as you ride along and keeping the bike stable with your child in the seat.

The seat has soft padding inside for the comfort of your child, it also has built in safety straps that need two hands to release, so the child cannot undo it. The back rest is extended above the child head and the sides are designed so that a child cannot reach out beyond the side s of the seat  The seat is designed to cocoon your child in safety. The leg rests are also easily adjustable in length to accommodate your child growing taller.

Why Buy a Child Seat for an Electric Bike?

These child seats for electric bikes, just like LifeCycle electric bikes are the best on the market. When it comes to the safety of your child, nothing is more important. The seat clamps securely to the rear carrying rack with an over sized metal clamp, so removing the seat and refitting it is easy and very secure. The seat is also tied down with strong wide strapping, making the whole fitting and the seat exceptionally safe and secure for your child.

A child seat for electric bikes must be made more strongly that ordinary child seats and must also have extra strong fixings to the bike. That’s why we at Electric Bike World recommend this particular seat, because it has been specifically designed as a child seat for electric bikes, and they fit beautifully and securely on the rear rack of all LifeCycle electric bikes. 

This child seats for electric bikes is designed for children between 9 to 22 KG which equates to a child of approximately 8 months to 4 years old.
The seat is TUV/GS, DIN 79120 and CE approved.

trailer anchor

Trailer £149

bike trailer

Pull along trailer for your electric bike

This pull along trailer is a great addition to LifeCycle electric bike. With the power of the motor pulling around your heavy or unwieldy items couldn't be easier. Packing your gardening tools for the allotment or doing the weekly shop will be a doddle with this combination.

Features include

  • 16'' wheels

  • Rain cover

  • Hard Base

  • Folds for storage

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charger anchor

Charger £85

36v charger
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Charger for electric bikes

A replacement or additional charger for your LifeCycle bike. This for the latest version of LifeCycle or Axcess bikes. If you have an older model of bike please let us know as we can put the correct charge point plug on it for you.

The Charger for the LifeCycle Traveller has an LED indicator which changes from Red to Green. Red to indicate that the battery is being charged, and Green to the the charging cycle has finished.

Like All LifeCycle chargers, the Electric Bike Charger for the LifeCycle Traveller cannot over charge your battery, It reads the protection circuit board inside the battery and simply turns itself off when the battery is full.

The battery manufacturer recommends that after each use of your bike you recharge it straight away. Don’t wait until the battery is depleted, keep it topped up all the time.

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