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A folding version of the Hunter. With a 10Ah or 16Ah battery choice and an easy fold frame its ideal to keep in your car boot, so you always have your electric bike with you when you’re out and about.
Wildcat carbon e-mtb
The Wisper Wildcat Carbon is the ultimate ride for the serious mountain biker.

The unique carbon frame gives an effective balance between power transfer and comfort when it comes to tearing up the trails as it comes with all the latest technology available.
Wisper 905 crossbar
The Wisper 905 Crossbar is a real thoroughbred.

It is the perfect hybrid option promising riders hours of enjoyment both on the roads and gravel trails.
Wisper 705 step through
The Wisper 705 is a stylish step through bike.

It is the perfect choice for shopping, commuting or long country rides.
Wisper 806 folder
The Wisper 806 electric bike incorporates a very low step through frame.

It is the perfect option for avid campers, caravaners, boating enthusiasts, commuters or for those with restricted storage space.
Mountain Sport
Fast, Powerful, Rugged, Long Range, Easy instant start Technology.

The flagship of the fleet, 18Ah Samsung battery and super Hi Torque motor. This is the most powerful long distance road legal electric bike on the market.
Come and try one, you will be amazed. Electric Bikes just don’t get any better than this.
Folding frame, Long Distance, Excellent hill climber, Easy instant start Technology

This bike scampers up hills effortlessly and just eats the miles, up to 45 per charge, and it comes with twin disc brakes.
Perfect for commuting and an ideal companion for a camper van or boat.
Alpine Sport
Comfortable, Long Range, Rugged, Easy instant start Technology

This is the continental 'step through' version of the LifeCycle Mountain Sport. 18Ah Samsung branded battery and Hi Torque motor. Elegant swept curved frame. Long distance battery. This bike is extremely comfortable and pleasant to ride. 50-60 mile range.
City Sport
Fast, Powerful, Rugged, Long Range, Easy instant start Technology

Longer mudguard version of the Mountain Sport. For those wet morning commutes when you prefer the bike to get wet rather than your trousers!
Mountain bike with a slightly lower spec makes this smart looking bike such excellent value. 10Ah battery 20-25 mile range. Easy to ride, quick and nimble you will love this bike.
Step through bike with a slightly lower spec makes this bike such excellent value 10Ah battery 20-25 mile range. Comfortable and easy to ride, quick and nimble. Perfect for commuting.
A Smaller step through framed bike with 24” wheels makes this ideal for the shorter person. This is a very stylish bike. Effortless to ride and comfortable with front suspension and a range or 20-25 miles.
Axcess Hunter Dressage
In a charming nod to the olden days, this “Call the Midwife” traditional cycle is for those hankering for older times but still wanting all the advantages of a modern electric bike. 20-25 mile range.
Strada GT
Italian flare and powerful battery make this a stand out bike.
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